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101 The Marketplace of Bandon 
By Lisa Carroll, Staff Writer 
Cheryl Gagnon, Proprietor of 101 The Marketplace of Bandon, is as free spirited and unique as her community-oriented business. Catering to crafty and collecting locals,  The Marketplace is a wide open venue full of furniture, antiques, unique art, jewelry, and much more.
The Marketplace houses a popular vendor’s market on weekends with a wider a variety of items than you can imagine. The prices for vendor spaces are a neighborhood- friendly $10 a piece.  “This functions as a small business incubator,” Cheryl says. “Rather than just a store that just sells things, we try to tailor ourselves to what people in the community need.” Cheryl also offers locked glass cases for people to consign smaller items, like jewelry, explaining that some people who have the creativity or collectables are unable to do flea markets, for various reasons. “It’s so much easier this way- just pay monthly rent, give us an inventory sheet, and we’ll contact you when you sell something. We don’t charge commission.”
Cheryl got into this gig as a result of nearly 22 years in estate sales. “When it gets to the end of the sale and nice stuff is going for too little money, I start buying it myself, at a fairer price, to bring here. I can make a little money from it, but I don’t have to make a mint. The goal is to give everybody a chance at nice furniture for reasonable prices.” Cheryl is compassionate when it comes to the estate sales. “No family wants to have to put their stuff in the hands of an estate salesperson, so we approach this as sympathetically as possible.” She works to ensure the family retains its keepsakes and precious mementos, and for the rest, she tries to make top dollar for the family. Back in the store, Cheryl sells furniture more than anything, but other items you can find among her ever-changing collection are some really awesome lamps; household tools and kitchenware; crab buoys and locally canned tuna;  and a variety of paintings and artwork, some of  which she created herself. Cheryl is very skilled at restoring costume jewelry, and she has some lovely pieces going for unbelievable prices.
Heart Awareness
Cheryl Gagnon is a creative, zany, and beautiful human being who takes great joy in the community through her business, 101 The Marketplace of Bandon. (Photo by Lisa Carroll)

Cheryl cannot help but see possibilities in stuff many people would have no hope for, such as hideous carpet. When Cheryl got the store last June, she was presented with the challenge of , and I quote, “...the most God-awful, ugly gray carpet you have ever seen!”  She promptly painted it blue to look like a running river, with the gray becoming the river stones. “A lot of what we do here is recycle, reuse, and re-purpose. We take something that may not be very pretty but still has life in it, and turn it into something somebody would want. It’s an awful lot of fun!”

The community spirit is evident in how Cheryl runs her business, and her heart is never far away from her work. “We are a Christian oriented business.  A couple came in one day who had been burned out of their home, and they had only $25 to spend on kitchen stuff they needed. So I told them to just make a pile. Most of my kitchen goods are stuff left over from a sale, so I don’t need to make a profit. What matters is we were able to help somebody who needed it. We’ll work with local incomes, allowing people to put stuff on layaway. That is one of the best parts about this work.”

Cheryl has great plans for the future. She wants to get a produce market going, and to hook the place up to wi-fi. But perhaps the most anticipated change is the addition of a kitchen, from which they will offer smoked local seafood and rotisserie hot dogs and sausages. “I have a killer mustard recipe!” she revealed. They will eventually incorporate sandwiches into the menu, too. If all goes as planned, the kitchen will be open by June, and Cheryl will keep you posted.
Having been closed for the winter season, 101 The Marketplace of Bandon will re-open on March 1st, and they are having a huge craft sale to set off the season, with super-cheap prices.  101 The Marketplace is a well loved gathering spot as it is, so do feel free to stop by, mingle with some great people, enjoy some free popcorn or coffee, and take plenty of time to browse this unique venue. You'll be glad you did! General hours are Fridays and Saturdays from 9-5, and  Thursdays and Sundays  from 11-5. They are located in a bright mauve building at 735 3rd St SE, right off of Highway 101, beside the Bandon Cheese Factory. Call Cheryl at 541-290-7030 for more information!
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