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7 Devils Brewery Talks Expansion (Already!)
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer

    I sat down with Annie Pollard, co-owner with her husband Carmen Matthews of the beautiful new 7 Devils Brewery, located at 247 S. 2nd Street in Coos Bay. They have been open just about seven months now, and have 15 employees. They’ve recently expanded their menu to include some really nice sandwiches like their oyster po’boys with local oysters and slaw on locally made baguette. 

  Our conversation led to future happenings at the Brewery.  Before it opened, Carmen and Annie generated cash by offering some investing opportunities for the community. “We opened the possibility for 300 investors and we had all 300 of them four days before we opened,” said Annie. “We are going to be increasing our seating capacity by knocking out the large wall where our chalkboard is and putting in another seating area with restrooms and a small bar. This will be extra seating for the brew pub and also a room for special events. It will hold a small stage for our live music, too.”

The very busy duo of Carmen Matthews and Annie Pollard, co-owners of 7 Devils Brewery in Coos Bay.

When I asked Annie if there will be another opportunity for investing, she replied, “We want to do another round of getting 300 investors next year to fund the expansion. A $100 investment is good for two free beverages a week on Wednesdays and Sundays. The money raised will go toward buying the locally-made tables and other items for the additional seating area.”

    Right now 7 Devils has 7 beers and 1 cider on tap. Their beers are offered at 12 locations in Coos Bay, North Bend and Bandon, and they provide brews to go if you have an airtight glass container with a screw top.

    So why did these young folks open a brewery in Coos Bay? “We decided to open a brewery here because we truly love this town, we love beer, the craftsman movement, and pubs. We think that here in Coos Bay we deserve good things, too!” said Annie.  And check out their new beer delivery vehicle that is a bicycle built for two—kegs, that is!

    Annie had some advice for other young entrepreneurs: “Doing this was very hard...it took about six years of work...we didn’t quit our day jobs for the first five years.  Always have a back-up plan, and you have to truly believe in your product.”

    More expansion plans for the building include a wine bar on the south side, and on the other side will be a barbeque and pizza shop:  people are already lined up to open both.

    7 Devils Brewery is open at 11 am Wednesday-Sunday, closing at 10 pm Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. They have live music every night.  Give them a call at 541-808-3738 or stop by and see for yourself the great brew pub that everyone’s talking about! 

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