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RP&T Trucking 

By Lisa Carroll 

Rod Schweitz, owner of RP&T Trucking , is a familiar face in the area. Born and raised here in Coos Bay, Rod was led to start a local trucking business by his love for driving. Even while serving the community as a police officer for 25 years, he worked part time driving for other companies.

Rod had been mulling the idea of getting his own dump truck for awhile. It was in 1999 when he saw one for sale that really caught his eye. He again discussed buying a dump truck with his wife. While she did not exactly say “Yes”, that was the first time she did not say “No”, either, Rod explains. So, blessed with the good sense of timing successful entrepreneurs are gifted with, he figured “That was the perfect opportunity to buy my first dump truck! Knowing I might not have much time before the window closed, I decided to go for it, and fast.” In 2003, Rod retired from the police force and trucking became his full time career.

Rod Scweitz from RP & T Trucking
Entrepreneur Rod Schweitz, owner of RP&T Trucking and life-long resident of Coos Bay.

I asked Rod who the letters “P” and “T” in RP&T Trucking represented. Rod laughed and replied, “P is for my wife, Penny, and T is for Tim, our son. They aren’t strictly business partners, though. When I first got the idea to do this, my family wasn’t as excited as I was. So, that name is kind of for fun. Of course, they are okay with it now!”

Another reason RP&T Trucking has seen such success is that Rod is a ‘people person’ who likes to move around. When I asked Rod what he enjoyed most about his career, he responded, “Driving. I hire other people to run the equipment, because I’d rather be hauling stuff or be out talking to people, generating more work. I oversee things, but I’m on the road as much as I can be.”

Summer is the busiest time of year for RP&T Trucking, so winter is when he takes a break. Rod likes to travel during the winter. He and his wife enjoy ocean cruises or vacations to other locales. Like most people who love the road, Rod enjoys going to places he’s never been.

Rod is also a musician. He plays the baritone sax in the local quartet “Sweet & Low” and he is a co-sponsor of the Clambake Jazz Festival, held in annually the 2nd week of March in Coos Bay/North Bend.

The South Coast Shopper is happy to work with Rod Schweitz, a local businessman with a strong work ethic and a vested interest in our community.

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