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By Lisa Carroll, Staff Writer 

When it rains, it pours. Ever notice how the washer calls it quits just when you have to do a ton of laundry?  Why does the computer give up on life 2 days before the term paper is due? Or, let’s say you are starting out in life, or starting all over, and you are on a tight budget. In these tough economic times, even if you can find an affordable place to live, it is a challenge enough to scrape up the money for moving expenses, much less to furnish the place with. I personally have had my share of  “coffee tables” made out of cardboard boxes taped together and covered with a tapestry.  Shabby chic is fine if that’s what you want, but if you want something more, know that you have options for furnishing your home in style. Aaron’s is one of those options.

Aaron’s is a business that leases and sells furniture, electronics, appliances, and computers. They promote affordable payment options for moderate income individuals who are looking to furnish their homes. If you have a regular source of income, a place to live, and a handful of people who can vouch for you, then you are already approved at Aaron’s.  Aaron’s gives you flexibility in payment terms, offering 6,12,18 or 24 month payment options, and you can choose to pay monthly or semi-monthly.  They have a low price guarantee on every item, and they offer 120 Days Same as Cash, as well as other early pay-off incentives. “We don’t do penalties,” says Ray Isted, the newest general manager of our local Aaron’s, located in North Bend. “We do reward for early payoff.” On top of that, agreements paid in full after a 6 month period will be reported to all 3 credit agencies as a fully paid account, which is a boost for customers who are building their credit.

Manager Ray Isted (right), Laura Castenada, CSR (center) and Evan Nyleen (Accounts Manager) (left) stand among some of the awesome furniture offered at Aaron's of North Bend. (Photo by Lisa Carroll)

Ray enjoys working with people, and his first experience with Aaron’s was as a customer.  “I know for me personally, if I hadn’t of found Aarons, I probably never would have owned a washer and dryer of my own. I would have never had a matching couch and loveseat.  I want people to have that same exact experience.” Ray recently moved here from South-Central Oregon, and he is happy to be in a climate such as ours. In fact, one might say Ray is definitely in his element on the Oregon coast. “I’m a rain guy. I grew up living with rain and wind 8 months out of the year.  I hadn’t had much moisture the past 7 years of my life and I missed it a lot,” says Ray, who is originally from Japan. “Out of approximately 17 years of my working life, I can honestly say Aaron’s is the most fantastic I have ever worked for, at every level of experience- from customer, to general employee, to manager.”

Aaron’s generally offers great prices on new furniture and appliances, and most of the furniture and bedding they sell is manufactured exclusively by Aaron’s at one of twelve plants located in the United States. Additionally, there are discounts offered for previously leased items.  “We want to see everybody obtain ownership, but maybe something happened in their life, and they have to return merchandise”, says Ray.  “Things happen. We do take discounts on previously leased items, doesn’t matter what it is. We take really good care of the merchandise that comes back.” Pre-leased merchandise sold at Aaron’s is thoroughly tested for function, reliability, durability and safety. All the items are deep cleaned, and are evaluated for the best customer value before being approved by the managers to go back on the floor.   

In 1999,  Aaron’s Community OutReach Program (ACORP) was established in order to give back to local communities by supporting charitable causes in those communities. Our Aaron’s has been working with Relay for Life because this cause is very important in our area.  “We are a big corporation, but each store is individually owned,” Ray shared. “We are here in the community, for the community. We partner with local businesses for good causes. It’s a good relationship the company has developed over time.”

Aaron’s is located at 2225 Newmark St, in North Bend, Oregon, over by Bi-Mart and Big Lots. You can also check out their website at www.aarons.com, or give them a call if you have any questions at (541) 751-7368.

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