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All About Wellness Center 
By Linda Laverty 

Lilith Nix has, as many of us, battled weight problems most of her life. Working as a therapist for many years, she always knew that if she found something that really helped, then she’d want to share it with everyone. Now that is exactly what she does!  She teaches people to have their optimal health and best health through personalized weight loss plans and nutrition supplementation.

Like many transplants in our community, she has resided in many different areas of the country. Passing through Coos Bay on vacation, Lilith fell in love with the area and quickly made it her home.

“We have it all here,” says Lilith. “The people are the biggest reason I love this area. Our climate and scenery are delicious and support a healthy lifestyle.”

“Because I am like so many that have struggled with their health, I feel I can truly help from my experience, and knowledge”, says Lilith.
Lilith Nix
Lilith Nix of All About Wellness Center.

Lilith is a also a Licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist. She specializes in addictions, especially smoking cessation.

Lilith provides personalized coaching and group support to attain one’s ideal weight and optimal health. Her specialty and success in helping others allows her to counsel her clients while providing expert nutritional guidance. Many have reached their ideal weight and some have even lost over 100 pounds!

Now a professional Wellness Coach who has been a Counselor and Addiction Specialist since 1980, Lilith’s coaching for self-empowerment and healthy habits only enriches our community more. She helped many people to achieve sobriety and many more to stop smoking.  She’s helped hundreds of people here to lose thousands of pounds through community based weight loss challenges.

“I’ve been helping to empower people here for 22 years and it has become my ‘life’s work’ as well as my passion to help others enjoy their Optimal Health trough nutritional solutions and exercise” explains Lilith.

She even finds time in her busy schedule to teach the AQUA FIT classes at the BAAC 3 times a week.

Lilith is offering FREE Wellness Evaluations and metabolism testing. Learn how much protein and calories you need on a daily basis to lose weight. Just give her a call for an appointment, or email her. If you are considering becoming a Wellness Coach, Lilith can train you. 541-290-9336 to email Lilith write to: mysuccesscoach@gmail.com.

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