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Anthony's Garden
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

I spoke with Sandy Ambrosini, the owner of Anthony's Garden, which is a greenhouse products and supply store located at 93779 Troy Lane in Coos Bay. They're in the industrial complex over in Millington, where they're open Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm, and Saturdays 10 am to 4 pm.

Sandy and her husband John moved here from California about 12 years ago, and it was his dream to open a hydroponics store on the Oregon coast. Anthony is their 11 year old grandson, after whom the store is named. "We've been in our location ten years next month," said Sandy. "We have one employee, Waylon, who is an expert in the ways of growing plants.  Our whole space is like a giant showroom, with all of our products in a retail display." 

Sandy Ambrosini, owner of Anthony's Garden, wants her customers to enjoy growing what they want all year long.

"We live in an area where it's difficult to grow plants because of our very short growing season," Sandy explained.  "My customer base is aged 60 and older. A lot of them have medical problems, or they're veterans, etc.  They've reached that point in their lives where they have the time and resources to be able to grow their own vegetables.  For instance, I have someone who grows coffee in Bandon and sells it.  Another customer grows pineapples (yes, like from Hawaii) in his garage and brings them to me.  We have a board in the store that's covered with photos from proud growers of what they've produced in their gardens."

"In the right conditions in your house or greenhouse, you can re-create sun and other favorable growing conditions and can grow just about anything that your heart desires. Once you recreate the ideal growing conditions, you don't have to put up with the elements that are outside.  My customers turn into gardening connoisseurs, doing what they love for a hobby, and doing it perfectly. You'd be surprised at what these people, who have lived their lives being smart and learning different things, can grow!"

"One of the most interesting and wonderful things about my profession is that I get to learn about what my customers produce with the soils, lights and nutrients that I sell them.  I get to actually see the 'fruits' of their labor!"

The biggest thing that Anthony's Garden sells is soil,  and it's all stored inside. "You should never buy soil that's kept outside, because it gets wet and spores grow in it. Anything that you buy that hasn't been kept inside at a constant temperature is a waste of your time and money. I'm not saying to come buy it from me; I'm saying go buy it from someplace that doesn't have any rain hitting it. Waylon, who is so good he could grow a popsicle stick, will actually come out to customer's places and advise them on how to grow what they want," said Sandy.

Sandy says there's no single item that people are into growing.  "There are so many people with different growing hobbies that it spans a vast spectrum. Each one of my customers has their personal hobby that makes them get into this. The Master Gardeners are wonderful customers of mine and each one has a specific project that they do for Oregon State University's Cooperative Extension Program."

When I asked Sandy what she would like South Coast Shopper readers to know about Anthony's Garden  she replied, "We've made a history out of donating items to schools. Waylon has a daughter that's still in school and we've donated hydroponic equipment to them and to Southwestern Oregon Community College; we buy ads in high school yearbooks; we respond to all sorts of requests from local schools."

If you're having trouble getting the results you want from your garden, give Anthony's Garden a call at 541-266-8822.  Sandy finished with, "I am always very hopeful for Anthony's to do better and better.  Customer service is our number one priority. We try to help our customers grow all year round and enjoy what they do every single day."

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