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The Appliance Doctor
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

Patrick Murphy is the Appliance Doctor, and he's been practicing for 38 years. I spoke with him in his shop just east of Charleston, where he works mainly by appointment.

Patrick got into the appliance repair business because "I had a girlfriend in California whose dad owned a Maytag business. I quit my Parks and Recreation job to work for him and he taught me the business. Basically the School of Hard Knocks. I started out doing odd jobs in his shop and just learned from there."

I asked Patrick about the services his business provides. "Well, I mainly work on older appliances. I try and stay away from anything electronic. I don't have the training to work on the newer stuff. Refrigerators used to be simple machines. The problem with today's appliances is they've got one or more electronic boards that control the fan, the compressor, the defroster, you name it. There are sensors everywhere and it's very complicated. And these appliances absolutely don't last as long as the older ones. The guy that trained me in 1977 has a machine that's almost 40 years old that's still running."

Patrick went on, "Years ago, it used to be true that you didn't need to buy an extended warranty on an appliance because it was built well. Today, if you're going to spend $3,000 on a washer and dryer set, you'd better spend the $250 for the extended warranty, because you'll need it. You'll be spending $500 or $600 to get it fixed, otherwise."

Patrick Murphy, the Appliance Doctor, stands beside his work van. .

Selling refurbished washers and dryers is what Patrick does mostly now. "I've sold literally hundreds and hundreds of those in Coos County over the years," he said. "I have a good faith 90 day warranty.  I don't rip people off and try and treat them the way I want to be treated. I have a good clientele and take care of my customers.  There are a lot of outfits that won't honor a warranty if it's just one day past the expiration date."

Patrick has been advertising in the South Coast Shopper for almost 20 years, and I asked him why. "The Shopper?" he asked. "It's the best advertising for the dollar. It's out there every day, all week, and everybody reads it."

So why is The Appliance Doctor different from other appliance repair outfits? "If you saw a video of how I recondition a machine, you'd buy one from me," said Patrick. "There are guys out there that will get a dryer, put a new heating element in it, wipe it down and sell it.  That's not what I do. I take apart a machine right down to the frame. Everything is cleaned, lubed, replaced, whatever. After I put it back together, it gets thoroughly tested.  Everything I sell is good enough to be in my house."

Got an older washer or dryer that you love but it needs work? Give The Appliance Doctor a call at 541-888-8902.  

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