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Atlas Edge Staffing 
By Desiree Gaoiran, Staff Writer
Published in the October 17, 2013 edition

Scott Williams, owner of Atlas Edge Staffing, is originally from Arkansas. He relocated to Coquille with his family when he was 13 years old. He moved around a bit but ultimately decided the beautiful Pacific Northwest was where he wanted to raise his son and daughter.

When I arrived at Scott’s office, he greeted me kindly and then began asking me questions. I was a bit thrown off and I almost forgot that I was the one interviewing him. He was curious about my writing position and my love for writing. I didn’t realize until 10 minutes into the interrogation, I mean interview, why Scott was asking me so many questions. He is also a writer. He sent me away with some of his work and I must say, he is quite good. I guess you really never know who someone really is beyond their obvious title unless you ask or they offer out the information. I was glad I asked because I was beginning to wonder if he thought I was someone else. 

Scott Williams, Owner of Atlas Staffing and Theresa Keys, Employment Specialist.

Scott was a single dad, working long hours at Nabisco. This prevented him from spending much time with his children, times were hard, and he needed a change. He began working for Goodwill Industries which back then also provided employment services. In 1996, Goodwill decided that they weren’t going to be providing staffing services anymore. Scott decided to purchase the business then called Personal Solutions. He decided to change the name to Atlas Edge Staffing. “The reason I named it Atlas was because I wanted it to be first in the phone book,” Scott laughed.  

Atlas is different from other employment agencies because they don’t have  limits on what their employees can do. Employees can climb ladders, use heavy equipment and run chain saws if necessary.  They are also the only employment agency in the area that still provides clients with opportunities for temporary work. Atlas also works closely with OSHA making sure that clients remain compliant with their regulations. Atlas does background checks but they don’t discriminate against people for their past mistakes. However, they do make sure that the person is in a non-threatening environment.

But Atlas isn’t just a staffing agency. They also provide businesses and individuals with on-site and mobile drug screens as well as court recognized paternity testing. Atlas is also the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Enrollment Center in Coos Bay.  

When you call in to Atlas, a human being answers. “We will never have an automated phone system. I hate them,” Scott explains. The vibe in the office building was happy and the pretty woman Theresa Keys sitting at the front desk, looked like she was having way too good of a time to be the employment specialist. But I realized, this is how these people do business, with smiles on their faces.

Are you having a hard time finding a job? Atlas can help! When you go there, you fill out an application and bring your resume. One application opens up the opportunity for any job they have available. Why spend countless hours filling out numerous applications? When they have a job that you are interested in, you let them know, and they can submit you for the position. Atlas fills all kinds of different jobs. Everything from office assistant to heavy equipment operator. Are you a business that needs a reliable agency to help with all your employment needs? Give Atlas a call. Support this wonderful locally owned business by letting them support you!

You can reach them at (541) 267-2022. They are located at 345 N Front St in Coos Bay. You can also visit their website at www.theatlasedge.net or find them on Facebook

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