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Baimbridge Scrap Metal
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

Tim Baimbridge moved from Oakland, Oregon to Coos Bay 11 years ago to pursue an electrician’s apprenticeship at Kyle Electric in North Bend. In 2008, while still working as an electrician, he decided to start recycling scrap wire and metals from the electrical and construction trades, and Baimbridge Scrap Metal was born. Since then Tim’s been buying scrap metal by working out of his basement, but just recently he moved his business to a new warehouse and shop located at 270 Lockhart Street in Coos Bay.

Baimbridge Scrap Metal buys nonferrous (non-magnetic) metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and lead. “I also buy prepared steel smaller that 2’ x 2’ x 4’ and more than 1/8” thick,” says Tim. “I pay by the pound, and my prices are posted on our Facebook page, with current prices updated weekly.”

Tim Baimbridge has owned his scrap metal business in Coos Bay since 2008.
Historically, Baimbridge Scrap Metal has been mostly buying from businesses, “but now that I have a shop in my new location I hope to get private parties coming by,” said Tim. “Many people aren’t aware that the Oregon scrap metal law states that I have to keep certain business records, and when private parties sell me scrap metal, I have to hold onto their reimbursement check for three days before mailing it to them. Businesses can still receive their check at the time of sale. This is supposed to deter people from selling stolen scrap metal and making a quick profit,” said Tim.    

There’s another side to Baimbridge Scrap Metal, however. “I have been buying scrap metal since 2008, and then two years ago I started doing water hauling as well.  The water hauling business provides water to people living in the country who have wells or springs that can’t keep up with their demand. This is a busy time of year for me, especially the last couple of years because we haven’t been getting as much rainfall as normal. The demand for water dellivery has definitely started earlier this year than last,” said Tim.

I asked Tim how his Shopper ads have been working. “Well, I’ve advertised with the Shopper pretty much since 2008 when I started the business,” says Tim, “and I definitely get calls from my Shopper ads.”    

So is Tim glad he made the move here to the coast all those years ago? “I like living on the coast; the weather’s nice and not nearly as hot as in Oakland,” said Tim. “I live here with my wonderful wife Lisa and two high school age daughters, and I don’t plan to move!”

If you’re looking to rid yourself of some scrap metal that’s been laying around your place just waiting to make you some money, give Baimbridge Scrap Metal a call at 541-269-9587. The new shop is open 8 am to noon Monday through Friday, and other hours by appointment.

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