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Barrington Well Drilling, LLC  

By Lisa Carroll, Staff Writer
Whether you’re a cranberry grower needing more water for your bogs, a farmer looking to hydrate fields and livestock, or simply a person tired of drinking funny tasting H2O, Barrington Well Drilling LLC can help. Started by his grandfather in 1953, Ron Barrington carries on the business which had its beginnings in Curry county. Ron’s family moved to Coos Bay when he was 5 years old because there was more work to be found here, and he continues the well and water business to this day, serving the entire Southern Oregon coast
I spoke with Ron’s daughter  about the business. “Dad is really modest,” she explained, smiling. “He’s just a 'one foot in front of the other' kind of guy. He doesn’t toot his own horn.” None-the-less, there are plenty of toots to be had for Ron.

Pictured here hard at work is Ron Barrington, owner of longtime family business Barrington Well Digging.

Barrington Well Drilling has a good reputation in the area for being very conscientious about its work. When done with digging ditch lines, for example, Ron and crew cover everything back up. They take care not to underbid a job, and make sure the customer is kept in the loop. 

When doing this kind of work, you never know what you might find. Sometimes you go to a job expecting to be done in just a few minutes, only to discover something that winds up taking all day to handle. You have no control with what’s under the ground, so there cannot be a cookie cutter approach. Ron is experienced in working with special circumstances, knowing when to apply for variances when needed. If you think you don’t have an option for your needs, he’ll try to find an option for you. To be willing to work with people is Ron’s general philosophy. 

Ron and his family like to spend a lot of his spare time with horses, of which they have a variety of. In fact Ron’s wife, Lisa, rescues horses, and is also a dog trainer. His daughter recalls the time Ron wowed her junior high school science class when they were studying geology and rocks. “My Dad brought in a bunch of different rock formations he’d collected. He even brought his diamond bit and drill rig into town, to show the class how drilling through rock actually works.”
A lot has changed in 60 years, though Ron still has some of the original cable tools, and a military truck he doesn’t use that often, but it’s there if he needs it. He has multiple drills- different drills have different purposes, so basically,  Ron comes prepared to do the job.
Barrington Well Drilling does more than construct new wells. They also clean out and deepen existing wells, lay in pump systems and holding tanks, dig ditch lines, and install complete water filtration systems. They will conduct water and flow tests to help pick the correct system for your water.
Call Barrington Well Drilling at 541-269-7221, or visit their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/BarringtonWellDrillingLlc, for more information.
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