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Bayshore Smokin’ Glass
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

Floyd Russell is the owner of Bayshore Smokin’ Glass, a new shop that specializes in glass pipes, located at 299 S. Bayshore Drive in Coos Bay. He also owns Smoke on the Rogue in Medford, but has been coming to Coos Bay for years to go fishing in the summers.

“My son and I had talked about opening a shop here on the Coast about two years ago,” said Floyd. “Then about a year and a half ago I opened Smoke on the Rogue in Medford.  After that I was kind of looking at buildings in the Coos Bay area, and this one became available.  I love the location here. I mean, I get to see guys catching salmon right across the street!”

Floyd spends about three to four days a week in Coos Bay, and when he’s gone, the shop, which has been open about a month, is run by Alice and Bam Bam.

Floyd Russell and some of his custom-made glass pipes available at Bayshore Smokin’ Glass.

Bayshore Smokin’ Glass has a huge selection of glass pipes; there’s more glass there than I’ve seen anywhere in town.  I asked Floyd to tell me about the products he carries.  “Before I opened this place, I scouted out the other shops that sell smoking accessories,” said Floyd. “We have pretty much all the smoking accessories you would need: glass pipes, water pipes, hookahs, and lots of Oregon glass. I get glass from Ashland, Medford, Roseburg, Central Point, Eugene, Portland...pretty much all across the state.”

In addition, Bayshore Smokin’ Glass carries rolling papers, torches, butane    lighters, grinders, incense, stash containers, energy drinks, vaporizers and E-cigarette oils.  And for the ladies, they also have a line of sundresses.

Floyd says he decided to advertise his new shop in the South Coast Shopper “Because it’s a local paper and I’ve always grabbed one when I’ve been visiting.  I want to support local businesses as much as possible. Last week this place became another stop on the Coos Bay Wine Walk, and I was surprised at how many people come out for that.  I made some sales because of it!”

If you’re looking for some custom glass work, Floyd says they can design just about anything people want. They even have a lay-away program for some of their more pricey pieces of artwork. “We really support local glassblowers,” said Floyd. “One of our blowers actually grew up right here in Coos Bay. I’d like to do some expansion in the back room to accommodate sales of raw glass so that local glassblowers can come here for their supplies. We’re really into supporting Oregon art.”

Bayshore Smokin’ Glass is open from 11 am to 7 pm, seven days a week. Their phone number is 541-531-8798, and if you get a chance, stop in and chat with Floyd, who, by the way, still manages to go fishing in our beautiful bay.

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