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Better Built Sheds
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

Les Glenn is the owner of Better Built Sheds, located on Bayshore Drive, one block north of the Marshfield Bargain House in Coos Bay.  He's been building sheds for over 20 years, and is open 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday. He's a one-man business, but isn't entirely by himself at the shop. His three year old Queensland Blue Heeler, Jake, keeps him company and lets him know someone has arrived by barking like the dickens. "But he's lazy," says Les. "And once somebody comes in here, he just wants to be petted."

Les has moved his business around over the years, finally winding up in his current location, which is in a large warehouse that has an upstairs office. "I have a sign out front, but I need to put one of my finished sheds out there so people notice the place," says Les. "Only trouble is, when people see a shed out there, they want to buy it right away, and then I have to replace it."

Les Glenn of Better Built Sheds stands in front of his truck at his business on Bayshore Drive in Coos Bay.

I asked Les to tell me about what he builds. "I custom build a variety of structures...everything from storage sheds to greenhouses.  Some people even use them as extra bedrooms, although I don't think that's exactly legal.  I use solid wood construction for my sheds, as well as Lexan corrugated polycarbonate sheets for the greenhouses.  It's better than glass, and is tough and lightweight."

Les told me that last year he was busier than ever. At one point people were waiting three months for their custom-made shed.  He has photos of his products for people to refer to when picking out a shed model, but "all the plans are right up here," he said, pointing to his head.

Usually Les will build a shed at his shop, but there are times when he takes his flatbed truck out to a customer's property and assembles the building right there. But he prefers to do his work in the warehouse on Bayshore Drive where all his tools are.

I asked Les how his Shopper ads were working. "They seem to be doing fine," he said. "I haven't had as many ads in lately because I've been so busy trying to keep up with orders." I guess that proves that advertising in the Shopper works!

So what does the future hold for Les and Better Built Sheds? "I'll just keep on custom building these sheds for as long as I can," said Les. "I had some injuries some time ago that prevent me from working on my feet eight hours a day, and being my own boss let's me take a break when I need to. I like what I'm doing."

As busy as Les stays, it seems his customers like what he's doing, too. He says he has lots of repeat customers who have multiple sheds on their property. And he'd like people to know that he accepts all major credit cards. If you'd like to join those ranks of satisfied people, give Better Built Sheds a call at 541-404-3802, where Jake will be waiting to let Les know you've arrived.

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