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The Blue Moon Has Re-Opened!
By Desiree Gaoiran, Staff Writer

Cassie, owner of Unger’s Bay Seafood Restaurant in Winchester Bay, has recently purchased the Blue Moon. The Blue Moon had been a fixture in this area for many years until it closed down nearly a year ago. The name has now changed from ‘The Blue Moon Restaurant and Lounge’ to ‘The Blue Moon Saloon and Cafe.’ But the name isn’t the only thing that has changed. In the past, the space was incredibly dark, but Cassie has made a few changes. She has uncovered windows that line the front of the building. They have been covered up with plywood for decades. “The place has really lightened up,” Cassie says. She plans on playing rock and country music. “I really want to stay away from music with all the foul language,” Cassie explains.

The day after purchasing the business, Cassie noticed an old historical picture of the building with a family standing in front of it, hanging on the wall in the cafe. She admired it from afar and noticed a  sticky note that was attached to it. It read, “Mavis Perkins, born 1927, residing at Ocean Crest, was born upstairs of Sanford Dairy and Grocery, now known as the Blue Moon.” The very next day she went over to Ocean Crest to find Mavis. She knocked on the door and greeted Mavis, “Hi Mavis, I am Cassie. I don’t want to alarm you but I just bought the Blue Moon downtown and there is a picture hanging on the wall and there is a note attached to it that says you were born upstairs. “Yes, I was,” Mavis replied. Cassie continued, “My question is are you a Sanford? “My dad was Glade Sanford,” responded Mavis. Thole Sanford is the man in the picture. Cassie was flabbergasted. Thole is her grandfather. The Blue Moon was once owned by her family and she didn’t even know it. Come to find out, Mavis is her second cousin that she never knew she had, and Mavis’s son, Cassie’s 3rd cousin, has been a customer of hers for years.

The building was built in 1925 and Mavis was born in 1927. The only other living person in the picture is Mavis’s aunt Loma, age 98. Loma’s son, who lives in Salem, came down and confirmed that Cassie’s great grandfather actually built the building!  At that time the property was owned by Cassie’s great grandparents, Millie and Herman Sanford.

“The picture on the wall even said ‘Sanford Dairy and Grocery’ on the window. But I just wasn’t paying attention,” Cassie explains. She brought Mavis in to the building a couple weeks back, before Cassie had uncovered the windows. Mavis made the comment, “Why did you cover up the windows? Grandma had her sewing room over there.” Cassie plans on having Mavis come and take a new picture in front of her birthplace and first home. Unknowingly, the building is back in the family. What are the odds? Come on down for a fun and refreshing time and meet Cassie, the new owner and descendant, to the Blue Moon. The Blue Moon Saloon and Cafe is located at 871 South Broadway in Coos Bay. You can contact the Cafe at (541) 266-8778 and the lounge at (541) 266-8777.

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