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Bridge to Healing
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer
Published in the May 5, 2016 edition

Taking clients by appointment only, Bridge to Healing has been open since February of 2016. Bowen Therapy is gentle and effective at resolving an array of muscular/skeletal problems. It encourages the body to reset and heal itself. It is appropriate for the young to the very old, the active to the infirm. It consists of a series of gentle, precise moves on skin (or through light clothing), applied to muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, fascia and joints.

Linda prepared to open her own treatment center by enrolling in the American Bowen Academy in Portland, Oregon, where she went through a certification process that required six modules of instruction, for 16 hours each. Following the modules she logged 50 hours of practice, and completed 10 case studies to be reviewed by her instructor. She then passed a 16-hour practical exam requiring her to perform the work on models and instructors while under close scrutiny of an examiner to make sure the procedures were done correctly. Finally, Linda completed 100 hours of college-level anatomy coursework, a business and ethics course, and CPR training before she was ready to begin her own practice.

Linda Haga owns Bridge to Healing, which uses the Bowenwork technique of gentle touch to relieve pain and anxiety.

I asked Linda to describe a typical patient who comes to her for help. “A person comes in for hip pain for instance,” replied Linda.  “I do the basic relaxation procedure…low back, upper back and neck moves on the first visit. On the next visit I get more specific in the areas I target. People are surprised at the changes in their bodies after such a simple treatment. That night they might be sore or tired as their body heals, but in a couple days, they feel much better. Many clients have reported that it helps more than any other therapy they’ve tried! I encourage a person to commit to two sessions…the second one helps set the work in the body. For an acute injury, I may only need to see a person once or twice, and that’s great! But a more chronic condition may require more sessions to get the desired results. Some people like to come for regular maintenance every two to three weeks.”

Linda said there’s a real difference between what she does and the work of chiropractors. “Chiropractors manipulate bones, which I am not licensed to do. I was in class with a chiropractor who said when he did the Bowenwork first on his patients, they needed very little chiropractic manipulation, sometimes none. That’s because Bowenwork communicates with the brain to re-educate the muscles and connective tissue. Once relaxed, the soft tissue puts less strain on the skeleton.”

People also come to Linda to relieve their anxiety. “My work helps people go into a deep relaxation state; some even fall asleep. It stimulates the parasympathetic part of our nervous system, the part that is involuntary. It’s different from massage because there’s a lot less touching, no oils, and the person does not need to fully undress. I will do a series of moves and then let the body rest for two or more minutes before doing more. This allows the brain to process the information.”

Bridge to Healing’s phone number is 541-362-HEAL (4325). You can get more information about Linda and what she does by visiting online at facebook.com/bridgetohealing, or you can give her a call! You can also check out the American Bowen Academy online.

“My work isn’t a cure-all, but it does promote the body’s own ability to heal. One client came for jaw pain, and reported lower blood pressure! Another suffered a concussion, and her headaches greatly diminished. Infants suffering from colic get relief, so does the mom! (Babies are treated for free at Bridge to Healing). I’m still continually amazed at what all this does!” concluded Linda.

For more info about Bowen work: www.americanbowen.academy

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