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Chinook Charters
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

You'll find Bob Baumann, owner of Chinook Charters, down in the Charleston Boat Basin, where he's been doing charter fishing for ten years. He wasn't always fishing on the west coast of the U.S., however; for 25 years he was a commercial fisherman in New York.

So how did Bob wind up on the Oregon Coast? "I slipped two discs in my back and couldn't do heavy physical work anymore," said Bob. "I had a couple of degrees so I went to Gallup, New Mexico to teach school for a year, then on to Weslo, Arizona and taught for a year, and then finally moved up here and taught for 23 years in Glendale, South Umpqua, Canyonville, Myrtle Creek, and Roseburg...but I'd rather be fishing!"

Bob's boat, the Chinook, is based out of Charleston, where he takes a maximum of six people on charter trips. "I try and provide individualized, small group fishing," said Bob. "Six people maximum, but most of the time not that many. The experience you have is more important to me than the money I make.  I really want people to have a good experience. I point out the caves under the Coast Guard Station where they used to stash booze during Prohibition; I tell my customers about the grounding of the New Carissa; I show them the lighthouses, basically just give them the royal tour...people appreciate that."

It's June right now, and Chinook Charters has in-shore black rockfish and small ling cod fishing, with a guaranteed limit of black rocks. "May 14 was opening day on the Bandon high spot for the  halibut fishery," said Bob. "We have a guaranteed limit of one fish per person. I've got electric reels on the boat that makes things much easier...350 feet of cranking gets real old. June 25 until the end of September we go for off-shore tuna. We fish from outriggers and poles, and we can troll for an hour without a bite, then have seven on at once when I find a thermocline (a place where there's a temperature break from 58 to 61 degrees). I have satellite imagery to help that out, too."

The charter fishing boat Chinook is ready and waiting to take a maximum of six people on a great fishing expedition.

Bob continued, "we also do in-shore black rockfish and halibut fishing during the summer. Tuna's 30, 40, maybe 50 miles off-shore. From October 1 to April 1 we fish the Northwest high spot for the big lings and assorted rockfish, and we get ling cod from 30-40 pounds. Finally, from August until October 15, we will set out crab pots if the customer wishes. And we don't keep small fish."

I asked Bob what he tells people when they call to schedule a fishing trip. "If they're concerned about seasickness, which can be a problem, I tell them to take a Dramamine® the night before, one that morning before the trip, and do not eat breakfast. If people do that, they're generally okay. There's always a couple that say, 'I'm not gonna get sick,' and they spend the trip over the rail."

Chinook Charters provides all fishing tackle, bottled water...everything people need except their lunches. All ages are welcome. "I have a photo of an eight year old kid that I initially didn't want to take," said Bob, "and he caught a 45 pound ling cod! I thought that fish and my expensive electric reel were going overboard but I'm holding the rod and he's running the reel, and we got that fish. He was so proud; that fish was bigger than him!"

If you're looking for the fishing experience of a lifetime, give Chinook Charters a call at 541-662-0964 and talk to Captain Bob, but don't ask him for any fish recipes...he doesn't eat fish!

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