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Chuck’s Landscape Maintenance
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer
Chuck Briggs of Chuck’s Landscape Maintenance is an enterprising and hard-working young man who is quickly building up a business going solo doing landscape maintenance. He had previously worked for 16 years for his family, who owns C & C Landscaping in Coos Bay, but in February of this year he started his own business.   

Chuck Briggs encourages his clients to have year-round landscape maintenance.

Armed with a beautiful new pick-up and large trailer in which he hauls brush and stores his lawn equipment, Chuck is licensed, bonded and insured for both residential and commercial work.

When I asked Chuck what his specialty was, he replied, “It’s got to be shrub trimming, I’ve done it for so long. I even do ornamental trimming, carving animals like swans, and even chairs out of bushes.  It’s really an art, and takes lots of time and practice, but I’ve been doing shrub trimming for years.”

But that’s not all that’s in Chuck’s repertoire.  He also mows lawns, trims hedges, puts down bark, cleans gutters, pressure washes and paints decks, fixes fences, prunes fruit trees, and hauls away trash and debris.  The only thing he can’t do is add new things to a yard; that’s for landscapers. But what he does do is beautifully maintain existing landscapes.

Chuck emphasizes that he encourages his customers to have a year-round maintenance plan.  “I know the grass doesn’t grow year-round, but that’s when you can have your gutters cleaned, your shrubs trimmed and trees pruned, and maybe mow the lawn once a month during that time,” says Chuck.   

I asked Chuck if he had anything to say about advertising in the South Coast Shopper. He replied, “Due to getting phone calls every day because of the Shopper, I feel that’s it’s made my business what it is today. I put an ad in the Shopper for 12 weeks, and didn’t hear anything for a week, but when the phone rang that first call paid for my ad. Now I have 35 accounts, and I just scheduled my ad for another 12 weeks.  The Shopper is great!”

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