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Coldstream Construction
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

Chris Caldera is a general contractor who along with his wife Michelle owns Coldstream Construction, named after the road that he grew up on in Sumner, outside of Coos Bay. Nowadays his company is located in a home office in Coos Bay, where they're open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

No stranger to the construction business, Chris has been doing it for 25 years, and has owned his own company since 1990. “My great-uncle and grandfather started in construction in the late 1960’s," said Chris. "And I grew up working with my family on the weekends since I was 12 years old."

Coldstream Construction specializes in drywall. "I put up the sheetrock, texture, tape, do ceilings, walls, repair work, cracks, etc," says Chris.

"But Chris also does everything in building from A to Z,” said Michelle. "For example, we recently went to a house in Myrtle Point to remove a beehive from inside the living room walls. The owner wanted the bees removed, and not exterminated, and since Chris is a hobbyist beekeeper, he was the ideal person to take on the job. We were able to safely remove the bees, repair the wall, and re-home the beehive to our own bee yard. The homeowner is happy, the bees are happy, and we are thrilled to add another hive to our yard. Bees are so important to our ecology!"

“I build from the ground up," added Chris. “I also do roofing; basically everything except the electrical and plumbing. Nowadays people are more interested in remodeling their existing homes, and 90% of my calls are for that. People are being careful with their money and improving what they already have.”

Michelle and Chris Caldera of Coldstream Construction in Coos Bay.

"I think the interesting thing about Chris is how much experience he has for how young he is,” said Michelle. “He’s been doing this kind of work all his life, starting with his family.”

Chris continued, “We started out just doing sheetrock, and then in the 2,000’s we went to building spec homes, which I loved doing, but the economy bottomed out. Spec homes are where you buy the lot, you build the house, and speculate that you’re going to sell it for a profit.  But the recession killed all that. We all got bit in those times, but things have picked up since then. Of course, it could still get better!”

“Chris often will get a call to come fix what somebody else started and can’t finish," said Michelle. "And then the customer is amazed at how fast he is, and what kind of quality he produces. They wind up having him stay and give him a list of other stuff they need done, and he winds up being at their place for another two weeks. He’s got a really good reputation in this area. Most of his business is by referral and he’ll end up being on the same street for a month; people really appreciate him."

Although the Calderas haven't been advertising with the Shopper for very long, "we’re going to stay with it," said Michelle. "When you read the Shopper, the ads you see stay in the back of your mind, and then you suddenly remember seeing them when you need them. That's a good feeling. And DeEsta in the front office is just great and has been so helpful!"

So what does the future hold for Coldstream Construction? "The sky’s the limit," said Chris. "We’re here, and we want to work."

“One thing I want to add is that as a consumer I appreciate the work ethic that my husband has," said Michelle. "He's out there on the job working hard, not taking a long lunch break. There’s an element in him that makes women comfortable having him in their home, and he gets lots of referrals from women, especially. I always joke that all these ladies like him and they even feed him lunch while he's on a job!"

Chris added, "It's usually the women that are the ones putting the honey-do lists together. I have a good design eye and will help pick colors and give advice to my customers on what they should and shouldn’t do. I really care about how things look and that’s part of my reputation.”

If you're in the market for a reputable contractor, give Coldstream Construction a call at  541-290-7480. “You can’t find anyone who’s going to care more about the finished job than Chris,” said Michelle.

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