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Connie Huntsman, CPA
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer
Published in the November 17, 2016 edition
There's a new accounting office in Coos Bay, one which opened on June 1,   2016, and is located at 93733 Central Lane in Millington, one mile south of Coos Bay. It’s actually a home office, and the owner is Connie Huntsman, who until recently worked for 8 years at other accounting firms in Coos Bay. But she's off on her own now, and accepting new clients!  Please call her at 541-808-3080 for an appointment.

Connie Huntsman, CPA, offers financial statement and income tax return preparation for small businesses and nonprofits, and auditing and consulting work for local governments.

“My last position was as a staff accountant at a public accounting firm," said Connie. "After 6 years of mentorship and hard work, I decided it was time for me to open my own firm, and I’ve been busy ever since. There's lots of opportunity on the southern Oregon coast for accountants."

I asked Connie how she got started in the accounting field. ”I like to make sense of numbers," she replied.  “I had been a bookkeeper for over 25 years. I knew what to do with the numbers but I wanted to know why numbers were accounted for that way. As an accountant, I learned where the numbers are recorded on financial statements and in income tax returns. This helped me to learn why."

Connie offers financial statement and income tax return preparation for small businesses and nonprofits, and auditing and consulting work for local governments. "My job is to make sense of the numbers for my clients," said Connie. "I like to work with business owners that are looking for ways to grow their company and be in compliance with the tax code and banking requirements. Insurance companies and banks like to know the financial status of businesses, too. I can help with that."

What's the best part of Connie's job? "I really like working with clients and explaining complicated tax code and compliance requirements to them," she replied. "In the fall I spend most ofmy time doing consulting work and performing audits for local government entities.  Then in the spring I prepare individual and business income tax returns."

I asked Connie if she has any plans for expansion in the future. "Right now I’m working out of my home office," she replied. "By next year I plan on moving downtown and opening an office, and will be hiring employees. There is a demand for people who like to prepare income tax returns and perform bookkeeping procedures on the southern Oregon coast. Perhaps I can be the employer to provide that opportunity. "

And what does Connie see for the future of the southern Oregon Coast?  Connie replied, "I see lots of positive happenings, new businesses are being created all the time."

Although tax season is several months away, Connie started advertising in the South Coast Shopper in advance to let people know her business was taking new clients. "I'd like to let Shopper readers know that I also teach QuickBooks at Southwest Oregon Community College," said Connie. "Next fall I'll be teaching a QuickBooks payroll class there, as well. These classes are provided through the Small Business Development Center (SBDC)."

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