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Coos Grange Supply  

By Lisa Carroll, Staff Writer

In 1934, a group of Coos County farmers pooled their resources to get better pricing for products they needed for their farms. In this way the Coos Grange Supply was born. Since then the store has grown to be a go-to resource for all things raised or petted. Everybody knows if you can’t find it anywhere else, you can find it at Coos Grange Supply- or they’ll get it for you.

The store is a co-op, owned by members of the community. While everybody is welcome to shop at Coos Grange, there are benefits to joining the co-op. The store returns its net margin, which is the total income from all sources, minus expenses, to the members. The customer’s dividend is based on their use of the cooperative. There are currently over 7,500 members in the co-op, with approximately 4,000 active members. Some people have remained with Coos Grange Supply since the 1940’s.

Ed Kreutzer, who has managed the store since 2000, likes that the Grange is an education resource for the community. “We can answer almost any question you have,” Ed says. “We learn about all the products we sell, so if people come in and don’t know what product to use, we can educate them on that.”

Chris Brown, who has worked here 13 years, concurs. “Our employees have experience in the garden, with pets, horses and farm animals. We cross over in knowledge and skills. So, if the garden lady is gone, somebody else can answer your questions about gardening. Our people are a good resource.” 

Ed Kreutzer, manager at Coos Grange Supply, takes pride that the store and the employees are  an education resource for all things grown or raised. (Photo by Lisa Carroll)

Everybody who appreciates growing their own food is happy to find Coos Grange Supply  well stocked with organic and natural garden amendments.  They carry a huge variety of seeds, as well as  seedlings, berry plants,  fruit trees and shrubs. You can also find  garden tools or rubber boots to tromp through the mud. “In the last 5 years, we’ve seen a lot of new gardeners. People who once had flowers are now turning to growing vegetables,” Ed tells me. Chris loves seeing the thriving community gardens in our area. “They’re so lush and beautiful. You can see the people out there working together. What a stress reliever to get out and dig in the garden and see your accomplishments grow.”

The movement towards healthier living also extends to our animals. “People are starting to realize the importance of a healthy diet for pets,” Chris tells me. “If we were to eat junk food everyday, we’d be very unhealthy. Same is true of animals. If you feed a poor grade food to your animal, it is going to show.” In addition to quality pet food, the Grange can get you anything you desire for your animal, from dried kangaroo to the finest pizzles you’ll find anywhere. They sell animal bedding, toys, and clothing, aas well as a large selection of over-the-counter medicines and treatments for your pets, horses, and farm animals. 

And then there are chickens. “We’re getting a lot of people wanting to raise their own eggs, even in town,” Ed shared. “Chickens are a good way to get rid of scraps, fertilize the soil in your garden, and take care of bugs. And of course, you can’t beat a fresh egg.” Many people, especially children, visit the Grange in the Spring to see all the cute, fluffy chicks they have for sale. “I usually get the chicks in from the first of March until June, but I can special order anytime- chickens, ducks, geese, or swans,” Ed says.

Coos Grange Supply has a natural, easy relationship with the community at large. Leased and well mannered pets are welcome in their store, and the Grange also hosts the Friends of Coos County Animals group each week, who bring in cats or dogs looking for a "forever home".

Ed, who is on the board of the Coos County Fair, told me that the Grange offers several awards at the fair for the land products, and they also provide feed for the poultry department. The Grange is also very supportive of the 4-H Club, for whom Ed is a resource person. In fact Ed and his wife have cooked the meal for the 4-H’s annual Spaghetti Feed Auction for the past 25 years.

The Grange is also involved with the Christmas in October benefit ride, sponsored by the Coos County Mounted Posse.  All the money raised goes towards providing food baskets and gifts for families at Christmas.

Whether you are building a fence or small pond, starting a garden, feeding birds or taking care of a horse, you can find what you need at Coos Grange Supply. The store is located at 1085 S 2nd Street in Coos Bay. Give them a call at 541-267-7051, or visit their website http://www.coosgrange.com/.

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