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Coquille Valley Produce and Deli 
By Desiree Gaoiran, Staff Writer 

Rufus King, native of the Pacific Northwest, and owner of Coquille Valley Produce and Deli, purchased the business in 2010. Since then, he has married and now this wonderful business is ran not only by Rufus but also his lovely wife Stacy.

Coquille Valley Produce and Deli has been a staple in the area for over 20 years. The store employs about 12 locals during the summer months and during the fall and winter months, they employ about 7, including themselves. Currently, Rufus is boss to a couple of high school kids. “We like to give kids an opportunity to work. It’s hard for kids to find jobs and working here allows them the opportunity to get some job experience under their belt,” Rufus explains. “Our customers love the teenagers. It makes for a happy and fun environment to have laughing and cheerful employees behind the counter,” Rufus chuckles.

Stop in for all your produce needs at Coquille Valley Produce and Deli, and while you’re there check out the real live beehive!

Even though they do most of their business during the summer, they stay busy during the rest of the year as well. They get most of their produce from the Roseburg area, with some produce coming from a local man. The King’s have added quite a few new items to their deli menu, including an inexpensively priced kid’s meal. “You can come in and shop and have a delicious meal before you go,” Rufus says. Each day, they cook up fresh specialty pizza. They also have delicious wraps, and there is even a low carb option! “We still sell burritos and have expanded on that and now have even more options as well as sandwiches and subs,” Rufus says.

While I was interviewing this very polite gentleman, I noticed the massive selection of Bob’s Red Mill packages. Not only do they have the largest selection of Bob’s I have seen, they have partnered with a local company that makes various spreads with a Coquille Valley Produce and Deli label. They have everything from apple butter spreads to specialty relishes. 

Rufus and Stacey also carry the Sturgill Family’s famous ‘Oregon Mountain Honey.’ Speaking of honey, I couldn’t help but notice the beehive smack dab in the middle of the store! “The kid’s that come in just love it,” Rufus says.

The King’s also carry a great selection of wine. They have several kinds from the Sea Mist Winery out of Bandon as well as from the Old Bridge Winery in Bridge. The store even now carries 5 different cheeses and curds from the Face Rock Creamery Factory in Bandon!  Have you tried their famous salsa? They make it fresh daily!

I couldn’t help but notice just how much lower their prices were on the produce than some of their competitors. It appeared vibrant and fresh and the presentation was impeccable and I even saw some fruit that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

The store always has fresh samples on the counter, you don’t have to stand in line forever, and you will be receiving some of the best customer service around.

This winter they are going to begin remodeling the outside of the store to give it a new look. Come on in and experience the good ole home town feeling of this wonderful locally-owned gem. Coquille Valley Produce and Deli is located at 454 Oregon HWY 42 in Coquille. You can also find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/coquilleproducedeli
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