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Cronic Mobile RV Service
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

John Cronic is the owner of Cronic Mobile RV Service. He moved to our area from Redding, California, to “get out of the heat. There’s a bad drought going on down there, but I’ve noticed it needs to rain here, too!” said John. He began working in the construction and RV maintenance business back in 1988, and about ten years ago he started his own business after he hurt his back badly enough that it prevented him from working for other companies full time.

“During the winter months I would work part-time at Camping World while I continued to learn more about the RV repair business,” says John. “I was operating a mobile RV repair truck for another company, and when I left to start my own business, everyone started hunting me down because they didn’t want anybody else working on their vehicles.  After enough people contacted me, I started setting my own hours and my business took off.”

When I asked John to describe the services he offers, he replied,” I always say I don’t touch the motor or chassis, but I will work on the air conditioning, refrigerators, furnaces, basically all RV appliances. In addition, I repair roofs, walls and floors, do electrical and plumbing work, and some small body work. I also have an RV roof conditioning and cleaning service...if you don’t keep the roof of your vehicle in good shape, you won’t have an RV to enjoy. Quite a few companies that provide extended warranties for RVs, like Good Sam, contract out to me.”

John Cronic stands in front of his mobile RV repair truck.

So what makes Cronic Mobile RV Service different than others? John replied, “The main thing is that I’m honest... if I don’t think I’ll be able to do a job, I tell people right up front that they may be better off going someplace else. I let people know ahead of time if I can do the job or not. I do have a very great pool of friends in the business that give me information if I have a question, so I really can handle most situations.”

I asked John how his Shopper ads are working. “I’ve lived here about four months, and for about three months I’ve advertised in the Shopper. I would say the majority of my clientele comes from those ads, whether first-hand or second-hand. I’ve stayed with the Shopper because I get results,” said John.

When I asked John what he foresees happening to his business in the future, he replied, “Everything’s moving along very quickly.  Pretty soon I’m going to need help with my business if I don’t want to keep scrambling to get everything done.  The fact that I do my job and do it correctly seems to make me very popular!”

Everyone who owns an RV knows that they require regular maintenance, and most people have no clue how to provide that themselves. According to John, “I have one of the largest mobile RV repair vans around, with lots of parts on hand so people don’t have to shop around town for what they need. I know what it’s like not to have money, after having to deal with back problems and not working. This makes me very considerate of others’ needs and I keep my prices well below the mainstream.”

If you’re looking for someone to service and maintain your recreational vehicle, give John a call at 530-776-7783. He’s open normal business hours, and emergency hours as needed. “I can work out payment plans if a customer is going to have problems with their bill,” says John. “In fact, most of my customers wind up feeling like they’re family or close friends, and that’s important to me.”

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