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Crown Point Trading Company, LLC  

By Lisa Carroll, Staff Writer
Published in the December 20, 2012 edition
The Crown Point Trading Company is dedicated to providing first class firearms and self protection training to responsible citizens in the Southwest section of Oregon. Chief instructor Jerry Smith is an NRA Certified Instructor with certifications in Home Firearms Safety, Pistol First Steps, Basic Pistol, and Personal Protection in the Home. All of the classes are NRA certified, and the training can be used for people to get an Oregon Concealed Handgun License. Becoming an NRA certified firearms instructor was just a natural process for Jerry, who has extensive training in security work and instruction, and for whom firearms is also a hobby. 

Jerry Smith, of The Crown Point Trading Company, enjoys teaching  comprehensive firearms and self protection classes. (Photo By Lisa Carroll)

The emphasis at Crown Point Trading is education. Jerry said, “You’re going to earn your certificate. If I have to spend extra time with someone, then so be it. You’re not going to leave this room having questions unanswered." He went on to explain what a person should look for in a firearms safety class. “Do your homework. Don’t take the process lightly. Ask questions, such as ‘What’s it like? ‘What do you do?’ ‘What am I to expect?’ ‘Do I get to handle a firearm?’ I think it is very important to have that hands-on learning, especially the people who have never had one in their hands before.”

The classes Jerry teaches can help a person can learn about the various types of firearms and ammunition, safe handling and use, and the cleaning and storage of those firearms.  “We’ll bring guns of several popular calibers and after 4 or so hours of classroom, we’ll go out to the range so you can shoot various types of firearms,” Jerry said. “That way you can see what feels right to you.” In looking for a firearm, Jerry recommends the largest caliber with which you can comfortably carry, shoot, and consistently hit your target. “Some people find that the noise and the recoil for the larger guns is just too objectionable, and then they wind up not carrying, so that does you no good. So really it’s just a matter of what fits for you.” If you already have a gun, they will teach you how to use that gun specifically.

While women are encouraged to take any course they like, some women might prefer learning around other women. With this in mind, Crown Point Trading will be offering a female-only class beginning in January, with new instructor, Francie Johnson.  Francie has worked with Jerry the past year, and he proudly tells me she has been training so much she is now a better shot than he is. Some aspects of firearms training are different for a woman. For example, due to body type differences, a woman will usually carry differently than a man. Generally speaking, a person with a round body type would need to carry differently from a leaner person. But, whether you’ll carry in a purse, on your belt, or in a holster, it is important to frequently practice taking it out and firing it. It’s all about developing a reliable reflex. “Sometimes it take thousands of repetitions to build that muscle memory, so it’s always important to be consistent wherever you carry,” Jerry explained. Once you’ve taken a firearms class with Crown Point Trading, you’re welcome to go to the range with one of the instructors and practice, which is especially useful if you’ve got a new purse or holster you need to get used to.   

Also starting in January is the ‘Refuse to be a Victim’ class. Not a firearms class, this class is designed to help you develop a personal protection plan. Covered is how to secure your home using proper locks, good lighting, alarm systems, and landscaping. They also will cover cyber and identification security, and physical self defense tactics. They can tailor the class to cover college dorm and campus security, as well.

Jerry offers advanced classes, too. The focus is again on the safe and responsible use of firearms. “If you hear a noise in the middle of the night,  we don’t teach you do to go out there and sweep your house with a gun. We teach you to have a safe room you can lock yourself in, where your firearm is, where your communication is, where you’re secure and you can call for help. If that safe-room is intruded, we teach you how to protect yourself from there.  You need to realize it’s a situation you’ll probably never face, but if you do, you need to be prepared for your own safety and that of others. Training gives you a plan so your mind doesn’t overreact, and go into panic mode.”

Firearms training is serious business, but Jerry, who enjoys recreational shooting, tells me it can be a lot of fun, too. “We can teach anybody to shoot. It’s a good feeling to see someone who couldn’t shoot a wall from a short distance finally hit a target at the range. When you go on the range, and you’re focusing on that target, all the external dialog in your mind goes away. There’s just you, controlling that force, taking that little piece of lead downrange, willing it to go exactly where you want it to go. There’s flash, there’s noise, there’s recoil.  That initial impact just blows all the rest of that stuff outta there. It’s a great mental exercise, great stress relief.”

For more information, give Jerry a call at 541-888-5590.

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