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Dave’s Christmas Trees  

By Lisa Carroll, Staff Writer
Dave’s Christmas Trees is an area icon if there ever was one. Owner David Hannah was born and raised in Coos Bay/North Bend, and started working in the Christmas tree business 35 years ago as a 7th grader. “After school, I’d take the bus from Millicoma Junior High  to Marshfield High, and then walk down to the Electric Hospital, where my uncle ran the tree lot. I took over the business right out of high school, changed the name to Dave’s Christmas Trees, and moved the lot here to Farr’s.” Dave also has a tree lot at Pony Village Mall, as well as a small U-Cut farm out toward Sumner.

David Hannah, of Dave's  Christmas Trees, embodies the joy of the Christmas season in work he loves to do. (Photo by Lisa Carroll)

The folks at Dave’s Christmas Trees want to make sure people have a good experience while looking for their perfect tree. They have Christmas coloring books for the kids, as well reindeer and snowmen antenna toppers. There is a large tent to gather under if it is raining, and they’ll loan you an umbrella if you need one. They offer trees of all types, shapes and sizes, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t give up! “Sometimes people come in looking for something specific, so we’ll go to the farm and try to find that for them,” Dave told me. Once a tree is picked out, Dave’s takes it from there. They will take it out back to shake the excess needles from it, and give it a fresh cut so the tree can drink more water. They will bale your tree if needed, put the stand on it, and load it in your vehicle, so basically all you have to do is take it home and set it up.  Finally, taking awesome customer service to a whole new level, if you have a problem getting around, Dave’s will deliver a tree to you, for a very reasonable price. “Sometimes we’ll even take two out and let people pick which one they want,” he told me. 

‘Smell the Difference’ has been their motto for years. Dave said, “We get a few trees in about every two days, so that they’re constantly fresh, and you really can smell that freshness.” Dave gets the bulk of his Christmas trees from a farmer in Camas Valley, whom he has been dealing with for over 35 years. “Our customers know that as late as December 16th or so, they can come in and get a tree that was only cut a day or two before, instead of a tree that has been sitting around since Thanksgiving.” Dave shared a trick with me to prolong that lovely scent. “On the trunk of fir trees, you’ll find little bumps of pitch pockets. Take a knife and pop a few of those, and you’ll bring out more of that smell.”

Another thing people like about Dave’s Tree’s is their unique method of snow flocking, developed by long time employee Steve Croy. “One year Steve said “Hey, I want to flock my own tree!” and I said fine, because I was busy. Well instead of just spraying the tree, he got up on a ladder and flocked straight down so it looked like it actually snowed on the tree! I said, “Holy Cow, that is cool!’” As we were moving the tree to the spot to dry it, some customers saw it and wanted their tree flocked the same way. So, that is how this new thing was created. Now, that’s just the way we do it, and Steve owns that part of the business.”

Knowing how much Christmas trees mean to people, Dave’s Trees has answered the call of our school districts and service agencies to help provide a Christmas tree to families in need, and also donates trees to Shore Acres for its annual Holiday Lights Display.

“I love doing this work,” he continued. “It’s fast paced, and it all happens in a 2-3 week period. We all work long hours making it happen. This is a good community, and we have been blessed in a way that we naturally love making people happy.”

Visit Dave’s Christmas Trees at Farr’s in Coos Bay, or in North Bend at Pony Village Mall. For information on the U-Cut, Contact Dave at (541) 888-2806.

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