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Devil's Kitchen
By Lisa Carroll, Staff Writer 

The Devil's Kitchen, located in West Coquille, OR, is the first restaurant owned by husband and wife team Stan and Tia Steinhoff.  June 1st will mark the five year anniversary of Devil's Kitchen, and it's been a busy five years for the couple.  

“We used to entertain and barbeque for friends and neighbors, and they were always telling me I should buy a restaurant,” said Stan, who also works at Roseburg Forest Products. “Then, this place just kind of fell in our laps, so I did.  Boy, what a lot of work!”  They did some renovating, spruced the place with bright red seating and a coat of fresh paint, and changed the name to Devil’s Kitchen. “The high school students line the counter here at lunchtime, so we renamed it after the Coquille Red Devils.” Overall, Devil’s Kitchen décor maintained the cool vintage memorabilia that the restaurant was known for when it was Joe's Place.

Tia and Stan Steinhoff, owners of Devil's Kitchen Restaurant in Coquille, OR. They'll treat you right at this family-based, homestyle restaurant.   (Photo by Lisa Carroll)

Stan and Tia grew up in Coquille,  and it becomes clear when talking with them that they love the people and want to feed them well. It would be quite an understatement to say the food portions are merely “large” at Devil’s Kitchen. A more fitting description describing the mountain of food on your plate might be “Humongous”, “Gargantuan”,  “Colossal”, or perhaps “Elephantine”.

“People really go for the Breakfast Burrito, which weighs 3lbs,” Tia told me. “And our skillet dishes,” added Stan. “In 5 years, nobody has ever been able to finish one.” The Man Burger is so big, one practically needs a wagon to wheel it out to the customers, and they make the highest stacked Club sandwiches you’ll find anywhere. Even the salads are such a tremendous affair that Stan says he can never finish one himself.

“Almost everybody leaves with a box," Stan continued. "We try to give a bargain because food prices have shot through the roof.  Yeah, we could make more profit if our portions were smaller, but we try to give everybody their moneys worth.”

Stan is a true cook from the heart who says he never writes anything down, so he can’t share his recipes unless somebody wants to watch him cook and try to get the recipe that way. He makes his own sauces and all the soups. They make homemade biscuits from scratch at Devil’s Kitchen, and they barbeque beef roasts for their Philly sandwiches and other menu items. “This is really fun, the barbequing aspect of it,” Stan shared. “Hopefully this summer we’ll get started doing some on-site barbeque weekends. We might do ribs, tri-tip, maybe some chicken.”

The restaurant is open from 7am until 2pm, 7 days a week. The couple do not take days off from the eatery. Tia, who has waitressed at the restaurant  since before she and Stan bought it, says working all the time is just a way of life, and being with the customers is like being with family. The couple stay busy raising two boys, Kayden, age 1 1/2, and 3 year old Keagan, whose job is to be adorable and charm the patrons. “Keagan is like a little mascot around here for the coffee drinkers!” said Tia. “They bring him cookies and hot chocolate. He'll sing to them, and dance.”

It will be interesting to watch this little restaurant grow alongside the family over the years. If you want to check out Devil's Kitchen, you'll find it at 750 W Central Blvd. in Coquille. Make sure to bring a good appetite!

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