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DnD Deli Mart
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

Denise and David Larsen have owned DnD Deli Mart for over a year, where travelers can find hot food, groceries and the cleanest restrooms around.

Denise and David Larsen own DnD Deli Mart, located at 1015 Hwy. 101 South in Reedsport, next to the Union 76 gas station. As their motto says, they’re “the first stop before you hit the dunes, and the last stop before you head home.”  This small market and deli is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they recently celebrated their first year in this venture, having opened their doors on July 17, 2015.  Now they boast five friendly employees who provide amazing customer service to the lucky folks who happen to stop there.

I spoke with Denise about how she and David got started in this business. “Well, I grew up in Coquille,” said Denise, “and David grew up in nearby Myrtle Point. We both graduated in 1985, and now make Myrtle Point our home. My husband is a contractor, and was also the head basketball coach in Myrtle Point for 25 years, and I worked for the State of Oregon for 18 years as a case manager.”

So what made these two people decide to open a convenience store up north in Reedsport? “My husband was involved in the construction of the 76 gas stations around Oregon, and when he worked on this one, we decided to lease it and I quit my job, because I felt like I wanted a change from what I was doing.  I lived in Reedsport for a year, and just recently moved back to Myrtle Point. So now I’m commuting back and forth quite a bit,” Denise replied.

I asked Denise what people can expect when they walk through the doors of DnD Deli Mart. “Well, we have the typical items that can be found in convenience stores like milk, eggs and cheese, but what we’re really working on is our hot food deli. Every morning we’ve got fresh, hot cookies, as well as great breakfast items like homemade biscuits and gravy, breakfast burritos, sausage biscuits, that type of thing.  Of course we also have the regular hot food items like chicken strips, Mojos, burritos, and corndogs .We bring in salsa from Coquille Produce, make our own deli sandwiches each day, and also have fresh fruit.”

DnD Deli Mart offers propane, free air, and has some of the cleanest restrooms you’ll find anywhere.  Customers regularly comment on the condition of the facilities, which the Larsens take great care to keep pristine.  They also have indoor and outdoor seating and an ATM available. “It’s the people that come in each day that really make our job enjoyable,” said Denise, “whether they’re tourists or locals….we have a great time talking to them.”

I asked Denise why they chose the Shopper to advertise their business. “The Shopper is found in so many different areas around here,” Denise replied, “that we just thought it was the best place to put our advertising dollars and reach the most people.”

This first year in business has been a challenging one for the Larsens. “We just had our first big summer,” said Denise. “David and I had never owned a convenience store before, and it’s still a learning experience. We’re finding things out every day about this business, but we love Reedsport and its people.”

If you’re in need of some quick groceries, a fast, hot meal, or just need to stop in for some propane, visit DnD Deli Mart in Reedsport. Their phone number is 541-361-6418, and they have an active Facebook page which features their latest products. “We’re really trying to expand our hot deli section,” said Denise. “We want to offer more items and really be a great place to grab some quality food while you’re traveling.”

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