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Englund Marine
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

Inside Englund Marine has diversified their inventory to more accomodate the recreational boater.

“Quality merchandise and great service” — that’s the pledge that Axel Englund made when he started his store in Astoria in 1944.  Since then, the business has expanded to seven retail locations on the west coast: West Port WA, Ilwaco, WA, Astoria (their main office), Newport, Charleston, Crescent City, CA, and Eureka, CA.

I spoke with Mark Fleck, Store Manager for Englund Marine in Charleston, about the family-owned business that he works for.  Mark started out in the Charleston store when he was in high school, working during the summers. He then transferred to Crescent City in 1986 and stayed there through 1994, when he took over as the store manager in Charleston. His brother manages the Newport location, one cousin  is president of the company now, and another cousin heads up their raft repacking facility.

When I asked Mark to describe a typical day at the store, he replied, “part of the beauty of this job is that every day is different, every week is different, and every month is different. Nothing is ever the same. Our commercial fisheries are kind of our ‘meat and potatoes’ because they’re open year round, whereas our recreational fisheries tend to be more seasonal through the summer.  Over many years we’ve diversified our inventory to  more accommodate the recreational boater.”

Mark continued, “a big part of what we do is wire rope rigging and cable, not necessarily at the Charleston store but at the company as a whole. We do rope splicing, and make hydraulic hoses of all types. We carry all kinds of foul weather clothing and boots.  We also stock clothing sizes to 5X and boot sizes to 15. In addition, we have a life raft repacking station in Warrenton (close to Astoria). All commercial fishing vessels are required to have their life raft service annually. We unpack them and repack to make sure they’re safe  We’re fully licensed and our repackers are certified for each brand of life raft we pack.”

Englund Marine’s industrial department carries a range of supplies from drills and routers to welding supplies and fittings. Their knowledgeable staff has the know-how to get anglers started and equipped with all the items they need. They also have the hottest new gear for tuna fishing to clam digging.  

When I asked Mark what he sees in the future for the company, he replied, “I’m a ‘glass is half full’ kind of person so I always stay on the positive side. We’ve had a tremendously healthy ocean for the last several years, so we’ve been able to benefit from strong stocks. There’s been an increase in the shrimp harvest, crab is more cyclical and fluctuates more, but our overall value on crab has been way up. We’re seeing an upswing in our salmon fishing, really healthy bottom fish, and tuna’s been strong.”

Mark finished with “What is most fun about this job is our customer base. We have the hardest-working family-owned and operated businesses (boats). We have a great rapport and relationship with our customers and we work hard to keep their business.”

Englund Marine is open 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday-Friday, and 7:30 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday during the summer.  They close at 3:00 pm on Saturdays during the winter.  They’re located at 91146 Cape Arago Highway in Charleston. Give them a call at 541-888-6623 and get started on your way to enjoying the bounty of our beautiful Pacific Ocean!

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