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Fat Cat Antiques and Books
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

Coro Dyanne and Sandy Smith are partners who own Fat Cat Antiques and Books, located at 2005 Sherman Avenue in North Bend. The building itself was built in 1905, as a photo Coro showed me attested to.

"We've been doing this kind of business for a long time. I had three booths in this mall before we had our own store. We decided that maybe we should open our own place, so we opened Pacific Antiques just down the street in the Odd Fellows building. Then the owners of Fat Cat Antiques wanted to retire, so we decided to take over this location, which is actually a mall with 16 vendors."

You can imagine what a huge assortment of collectable items there are with 16 vendors in the large building. "We've got a pretty big selection of quality used books," said Coro, "and one section near the front of the store houses books that are all over 100 years old."

The vendors themselves offer a wide range of collectables: one dealer mostly has nautical items, scrimshaw, arrowheads, and the like, while others offer lots of fishing stuff. There's Native American art, Fenton glassware, Spode china, vintage clothing and hats, linens, quilts, crocheted items, and of course lots of jewelry. The previous owner's collection includes higher-end antique toys. Still other vendors feature dolls, knives, stained glass, fire engines, and old cameras.

Coro and Sandy, owners of Fat Cat Antiques and Books, welcome people to come in and browse their many interesting items.

"We also have the furniture annex next door, where we sell all kinds of furniture, not just antiques," said Coro.  "And we've been doing estate sales for 25 years as part of our business."

I asked Coro how her Shopper ads have been working for them. "I've had people say they've seen our ads in the Shopper. We've kept our ads running every week since we first opened four years ago. It's one of the better places to advertise, I think. I have always advertised our estate sales in the Shopper. The rates are reasonable, and a lot of people read the Shopper. It's an interesting paper that I read cover to cover."

"We took over this business a year ago, and we've made a lot of changes...in fact the last ad I put in the Shopper said 'come in and see all the changes.' The previous owners had owned it for 18 years."

So what does the future hold for Coro and Sandy?  "I'm working double shifts right now because my partner Sandy is recovering from open-heart surgery, but we both hope to continue doing this as long as we can. I love this area and this is the longest I've ever lived in one spot in my life. This is the Old Town part of North Bend and we need to get more events happening down here.  I think it's a very good idea that the city is going to be lowering the speed limit to make this area safer for pedestrians."

Fat Cat Antiques and Books is open every day but Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm. Make it a point to visit this mall that is neatly filled with a huge variety of collectables and antiques, where browsing is always welcome.

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