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Figaro’s Pizza
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

Paul Jackson has been associated with Figaro’s Pizza for 23 years, and is the owner of restaurants in Coquille and Brookings. He supervises an average of 12 employees at each location, and I learned a lot about what his restaurants offer on their menus.

    “We’re known for making our own homemade breads in four different varieties, plus our hamburger buns,“ said Paul. “We use our own licensed, USDA-inspected beef for our hamburgers. We also have subs, lots of salad varieties, fish and chips, homemade spaghetti and lasagna.   Then there’s our taco bar, tortilla wraps, taco salads, and for dessert we have our All-American ice cream in a minimum of 18 flavors, as well as frozen yogurt and lots of fruit juice smoothies made with yogurt. And we deliver within 3 miles of each of our locations.”

And I thought they just made pizzas at Figaro’s!  

If you’re looking for some great food that’s not just limited to fresh pizzas, stop by Figaro’s in Coquille and Brookings!

Paul continued, “Customers can either pick up a ready-to-bake pizza, or we’ll cook it for them at no charge. When I think of the type of pizza we sell the most of, it’s probably a tie between our Mama’s Favorite and the Papa’s Supreme pizza.”  

Paul stressed that he’s not just all about great food. “Probably what we’re best known for is customer service, quality food and consistency. And our varied menu!” said Paul.” We use only organic beef, there’s no MSG in our stores, and we also specialize in offering gluten free-products.”

Figaro’s Pizza is a chain of franchises that has 150 locations world-wide, and Paul and his wife also own the Sub Express, along with their All American ice cream line.

A former educator, Paul taught and was a counselor for many years before retiring to run his own restaurants. “I like doing business in small towns like Coquille and Brookings,” he said. “All of my stores have been in small towns, and it’s my philosophy to become a part of the community and provide an environment that is service-oriented. I like the feeling that we are members of the active community in each small town.  I enjoy what I do!”

I asked Paul how long he has been advertising in the Shopper.  “Off and on for about 20 years,” he replied. “We have had really good response from the Shopper and we sense that it is one of the more popular pick-up papers.  I look for it everywhere I go!”    

So what does the future hold for our local Figaro’s pizza restaurants?  “We will continue to operate our two stores under my guidance, with family members slowly taking over.  I’ve got some grandchildren that are interested in the business, and it’s really nice to watch them become involved,” said Paul.

If you’re looking for some great food that’s not just limited to fresh pizzas, stop by the Figaro’s Pizza at 29 West 1st Street in Coquille (541-396-5277) or at 16261 Hwy. 101 in Brookings (541-469-8400) and see just what these restaurants have to offer. Both stores are open 10:30 am to 9 pm seven days a week.

Paul finished with, “ If you looked at all the businesses that have been in this area over the years, you would find that every one of them that provides a service to their community has turned out to be a successful business.”  Just like Figaro’s Pizza.

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