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Fisherman’s Seafood Market 
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 
Four years ago, Rob Taylor was a painting contractor who was looking for a way to supplement his income during the rainy winter months when he wasn’t busy painting.  He had always loved to fish, and so he decided to get a near shore fishing permit, bought a little boat, and started selling his catch.  
    “I started selling fish directly off my boat by the Coos Bay Boardwalk, but I wound up spending more in gas money than I made in income from fishing.  Something had to change.   So I put up a sign saying ‘Fresh Fish for Sale’, and pretty soon I had people lined up all the way to the street buying fish from me!  It was then that I thought that maybe I needed to put in a fish market,” said Rob.

Owner Rob Taylor stands in front of his case of fresh seafood in the Fisherman’s Seafood Market.

 So Rob went wrote a proposal to the City of Coos Bay outlining his plans, and they wrote back saying they thought it was a great idea.  The Fisherman’s Seafood Market was born on June 19, 2010.  Rob bought some pilings and other supplies, and built a floating market that’s moored right off the Coos Bay Boardwalk. They catch their own fish, and also have about two dozen local fishermen that sell to them every day.

    Rob and his  wife Denise have stayed incredibly busy.  He was always famous around town for his fish and chips recipe, and they decided to put that and several other items on a take-out menu.  They keep things simple: fish,  clams, oysters, shrimp and fries, and chowder packed with clams. 

       “People might be surprised to know that we have the only food grade permit in the world to harvest wild Oregon clams,” said Rob. “Everything we sell is wild, fresh and local. Our West Coast Clams business brings these butter and Empire clams to the public for the first time in 20 years, and we sell these clams all the way north to Astoria and south  to San Francisco. “

    Looking to buy some super fresh, local seafood? Their market stocks ling cod, rock fish, salmon, clams, prawns, oysters, smoked fish, fresh tuna, halibut, whatever they can get that’s local and sustainable.

    All this success has prompted the Taylors to open a second full service fish market at 170 South Empire Boulevard, right next door to the Hollering Place. There they will have a seafood market and a mobile kitchen so that people can buy their wonderful chowder, fish and chips and grilled clams to take home.    

    When I asked  Rob what he wanted the public to know about his business, he answered, “The main thing is that the food we sell is  local,  always wild, never farm-raised and we use sustainable fishing practices...we want to guarantee that there will be populations of ocean wildlife for the future,” Rob concluded.

    The Fisherman’s Seafood Market is open Monday through Saturday 10:30 am to 7 pm, and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. Their phone number is 541-267-CRAB (2722). Look for their new market opening soon (541-888-CRAB) and make sure to stop by to sample the fresh, local seafood that this up-and-coming business has to offer!

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