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Gib’s RV Superstore Has A New Sales Manager
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer
Published in the March 2, 2016 edition

Gib’s RV New Sales Manager Anthony Ashley.

Anthony Ashley has been in Coos Bay since January of 2017, and already he’s managing a sales staff at Gib’s RV Superstore, located at 1845 Ocean Boulevard.  As the new Sales Manager for the dealership, he’s responsible for overseeing the sales staff and their training needs, customer relations, final sales approval, pricing, inventory…the list goes on.

Although Anthony is new at Gibs, he’s no stranger to the world of sales. After graduating magna cum laude from the University of Oregon in 1996 with a double
major in marketing and management, Anthony worked for Sherman Brothers Heavy Trucking in Harrisburg, then was Sales Manager at Brasher’s Northwest Auto Auction in Eugene for over nine years, worked in Portland at Courtesy Ford for three years, and at Johnson RV for over a year as their lead buyer.

I asked Anthony what the best part of his job was. “That’s easy,” he replied, “It’s working with customers, for sure. It’s absolutely wonderful dealing with people who are buying something that they’ll really enjoy. Some of them have waited their whole lives to buy that big RV and become snowbirds.  Others are at that stage where they are introducing their kids to the joys of camping.”

On the flip side, what’s the most difficult part of Anthony’s job? “Well, probably having to manage the difference in volume between the summer and winter months!”

I asked Anthony if he was seeing any specific trends in the business. “I believe that since the crash in 2008-2009 the banks have slowly been relaxing a bit. It is much easier to get an RV loan today than it was even a year ago.”

“Without a doubt, RVs are changing so that they can be pulled by smaller and smaller vehicles,” Anthony continued. “These RVs are getting lighter and are just made better. There’s constantly new technology that’s producing better insulation, stronger and lighter axles, etc. You can now pull some of the fifth wheels with a half-ton truck, and that’s never been possible before.”

Anything else that Anthony sees changing in the construction of RV’s? “From little things like countertop heights, larger refrigerators, dinettes that are more friendly for sitting down and playing board games, to aluminum frames and improved suspensions, the quality of materials have improved,” he stated.

So why is Gib’s different than other RV dealers? “It’s family owned and operated,” Anthony replied, “and they just care about people… from the moment a customer walks in the door until they leave, there’s no high pressure. We take the time to figure out what our customers want, and we’re less concerned about selling somebody the most expensive RV than we are about selling them the RV is right for them and their needs.”

Gib’s RV Superstore is open Monday through Saturday from 8:30am to 5pm.  Their hours will be extended during the summer months. Give them a call at 541-888-3424 and find out how you can be on your way to owning an RV that can take you away from it all! 

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