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Hedge Hog Lawn Service   
By Desiree Gaoiran, Staff Writer 

Jeremy Boyd, a native to the Pacific Northwest, started his lawn business 8 years ago. Before he started his company he was working at 7-11. “Before leaving, I lined up a few lawn service customers and started on my journey as an entrepreneur. Believe in yourself and you can do anything,” Jeremy explains.

Jeremy grew up in the country with his grandparents. They had chickens, pigs, rabbits, turkeys, and cows. “I always helped in the yard, performing a wide variety of tasks. I have always loved working outside,” Jeremy says. His neighbor Don Grey was incredibly inspiring to him while he was growing up. Don made a living farming and fixing up properties. Jeremy remembers spending countless hours as a child admiring Don’s work ethic. “He never stopped working until he died at 98 years old,” Jeremy explains. Even as a young child, Jeremy knew that he wanted to work outdoors just like Don. “I love what I do and it keeps me fit,” Jeremy says. 

Hedge Hog Lawn Service provides trimming, pruning, storm cleanup and more.
“I mow lawns, trim hedges and bushes, rototill, prune fruit trees, build decorative retaining walls, use pavers, and clear brush. I like the wide variety of tasks that I perform because it keeps me from getting burned out on just one thing,” Jeremy explains. Jeremy puts his heart into everything he does. “I look at things in an artistic way. Before I begin trimming a hedge I think, how does it want to be trimmed, and I just go with the flow,” Jeremy says passionately. Jeremy prides himself on providing customers with a good job well done. “My work sets me aside from others. I clean up everything and I pay close attention to detail,” he assures.

At some point, he plans on migrating toward yarn sculpture. “I would love to make artwork out of bushes and plants. I know I can do it with a little practice,” he says. When Jeremy isn’t working hard at his 9-5, he loves jogging, martial arts, and spending time outdoors with the love of his life Annette. I could tell from speaking with Jeremy that he was a special kind of fella. It isn’t very common in this day and age to meet someone as young as Jeremy with so much ingrained work ethic, passion, and tenacity.  

“Another perk to my job is that I meet all kinds of interesting people. I love listening to their stories,” he says with a big smile on his face.

Are you looking for a hardworking guy to take care of all your lawn service needs? Jeremy is available for work 7 days a week. You can reach him at (541) 260-6512. 

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