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High Tide Ceramics
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

Published in the June 29, 2017 edition

Tanna Wright owns High Tide Ceramics, located at 1611 Virginia Ave., Suite 153 (the former Cone 9 location) in North Bend.  She opened her doors on May 1, 2017, and runs the shop along with her mom, oldest son, and a friend.

I asked Tanna to tell me a little about herself. “Well, I grew up in Coos Bay, graduating from  Marshfield High School,” Tanna replied.  “Four years ago, I took a pottery class at the Devereux Center, and I really enjoyed it.  The teachers there called and asked me if I wanted to buy their shop, because I was interested in buying one two years ago, but the price was too high at that time.  When this came up, I jumped at it!  My teacher had a pottery shop in her home, but when her husband became ill, she decided to retire, and I took over her business.  All my molds actually came from the Devereux Center.”

“I felt that by opening a shop in the Pony Village Mall, there would be more foot traffic,” Tanna continued. “Having my shop in the mall was also the lowest rent I could find…I had called six different places!  So now I have 3400 square feet of space, and I’m right across from Joanne’s Fabrics.”

I asked Tanna what she liked best about owning a pottery studio, and she replied, “Watching my customers be creative with their projects.  It’s great seeing people come in and create something they’re proud of.”

High Tide Ceramics has a good selection of ceramics. 

High Tide Ceramics is different from other pottery shops because according to Tanna, “We offer classes in slip pouring (the wet clay itself), dry brushing, glazing and under-glazing  and green wear (wet clay holding a form, before it’s been fired).  Here my customers get to go through the whole pottery process, not just painting an already-formed piece of bisque. We make the bisque from the dust all the way through the finished, fired product.  We also offer acrylic painting, and in fact we recommend that if it’s going to be an item that sits on the counter, that it’s painted with acrylic.  This is because the paints used to fire an item are $6 a bottle, and then you have glaze on top of that.  Then the item is fired and it ends up being more expensive than just using an acrylic paint, which does the coating in one step.”

A variety of people have come into High Tide Ceramics. “Kids, adults, the elderly…they all come in and enjoy doing ceramics,” said Tanna.   “We’re going to be having some disabled people come in on Thursdays to paint.  I have a selection of green ware and bisque items to paint, but if someone wants to learn to pour a mold, they can do everything from start to finish.”

Tanna continued, “I am offering parties for up to 10 people during mall hours; groups over 10 need to meet on Saturday or Sunday evenings, due to space.  June 23 we had a Ladies Night here, complete with wine and snacks, and I’m going to try and do similar nights once a month.”

Looking for a venue for your next fundraiser?  Tanna says she’s open to hosting them and giving part of the proceeds to service groups.  “I would love to see this business expand to where I need a larger shop and be able to get teenagers to do some projects.  Right now I’m in the process of talking to Marshfield school administration about a school-to-work program that would teach students about running a business.”

Tanna says she decided to advertise in the South Coast Shopper “Mostly because I know the Shopper reaches a lot of people, and their salesperson came in here to talk to me before I had gotten around to calling them!”

If you’d like to stretch your creative wings, give High Tide Ceramics a call at 541-808-9007.  They’re open mall hours, 10am to 8pm Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm Saturday and 11am to 6pm Sunday.

“I’d just like to see people come in and at least attempt pottery,” said Tanna. “They’d be surprised at what they can create!”

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