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Honda World
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 
I spoke with Dan Messner, Sales Manager for Honda World, located at 1350 Ocean Blvd. NW in Coos Bay. Dan started by saying that the dealership has been here since 1983, and he’s been Sales Manager since 1997. “We have four salespeople and all of them have been with us for a long time. We retain our employees because they’re happy working here so they stay with us, and when people come back here they always see the same friendly faces. That means a lot to our customers. They tell us they like coming here and seeing their salesperson still working here, or the shop person that they’re used to talking to is still in the service department. That’s one of the nice things about doing business here: you have people that have longevity. We try and make sure customers are happy with us and their purchases are enjoyable, and that’s important, because we want them to come back,” said Dan.   

In the market for a quality vehicle? Let the friendly, no-pressure  salespeople at Honda World find the one you’ve been looking for.
Dan said Honda World’s service department is always busy! They have a good reputation and a qualified team of technicians that have been here a long time. The prices charged in the service department are very competitive. Even their lube, oil and filter service costs about the same as a quick oil change place, but here you always get a complete vacuum of your car’s interior and a thorough car wash with your oil change. And they’re open Saturdays!

I asked Dan what makes a vehicle Honda Certified. He explained that Certified Honda vehicles have to meet certain criteria. If a car has had any issues with it prior to being certified, Honda’s Service Department will do a very thorough inspection of the vehicle both inside and out, and once all the criteria have been met that go into a certified vehicle, the car will come with a warranty that’s very extensive: it’s a year warranty on anything that breaks, and then it continues seven years from when it was sold to 100,000 miles on the engine, transmission and powertrain.

I told Dan about something that happened in my own family that shows what a great car dealership Honda World is. Our daughter graduated college and moved to the Seattle area and we bought her a car from Honda World. After owning it for a year, she took it in for an oil change, and the company told her she needed some extra work done on the vehicle.  Knowing little about cars at the time, she had the work done, but felt like she might be getting taken advantage of. So she called the head mechanic at Honda World, saying we had bought the car there, and told him what they had done to it in Seattle. The Honda mechanic said he actually remembered working on her car, and the work done on it in Seattle wasn’t necessary. Armed with this information, she returned to the oil change store and got her money back for the unnecessary work! Dan smiled and said, “It shows that we keep records of what we do.”

Dan stressed that “We keep a very low-key approach here and retain our customers for a long time. We are on top of all the new innovations that Honda’s come up with. Our Civics, Accords and CRV’s all come standard with back-up cameras.  Honda is way ahead of the curve on the latest safety equipment.

Honda World is open Monday through Saturday from 8:30 am to 6 pm, and from 12 to 5 pm on Sundays, which is nice for people who are busy during the week. “They can shop at their leisure and we’re still capable of getting all the financing done and business taken care of,” says Dan.

So if you’re in the market for a quality vehicle, stop by and see the friendly, no-pressure salespeople at Honda World, or give them a call at 541-888-5588 and see just how enjoyable your car-buying experience can be! www.hondaworld.com

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