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Innovation Delivered to the Shopper!
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

Technology is constantly changing, and one of the things most Shopper readers have noticed is that we now have a QR code on our front page that allows readers to download a Shopper app to their mobile device.  The company behind this new service is Innovation Delivered, and is owned by Adam Colby and Ken Gregg. But this isn’t the first mobile app business the two have owned...CaddiePal was their initial venture into the mobile app field.

I asked the two men how CaddiePal got started. Adam said, “In 2010 Ken and I, who are avid golfers, were enjoying a couple of beers after a round on Bandon crossings, and it came up that we should have a scoring and stats program for our phones. CaddiePal was literally born on that Saturday afternoon. Over the course of several years we’ve expanded and now over 50 golf apps across the country use our GPS.”

CaddiePal apps are still alive and well, but the two men have since branched out into designing apps for small businesses. “We also have about 50 small business apps for companies as far away as Chicago,” said Adam. “So our business has really become small business apps. We still do the golf apps, but this is really our stock and trade.”

The name Innovation Delivered came about by chance. “I recently spoke to the Shopper’s owner, Cliff Chambers. He said ‘I know you have golf apps, but I think CaddiePal is a little bit too much about golf. Maybe you should consider changing your company name.’ Ken and I talked about it, and then decided to take a poll among our clients to see what they thought.  100% of them said we needed to change our name because it was confusing people,” said Adam.

“So Ken and I bounced around a number of ideas over several weeks,” continued Adam, “and we finally came up with Innovation Delivered.”

Call Innovation Delivered and get a custom-designed app for your mobile device!
Ken explained, “When you write code, one of the common concepts used in programming language is id=, which is an identifier for whatever it is.  It’s on every page of software that we write.  For somebody who doesn’t write code, id= is a nice lead in...innovation delivered is... whatever you want it to be. Although both of us have our specialties working here, we both vacuum, sweep and write code.”

“We offer complete end-to-end mobile application development for our clients,” said Adam. “A client comes in and says they need a mobile app, and we sit down and sketch out what their needs are, then build it to their specifications. Some of our apps don’t look anything like our clients’ websites; others emulate them very closely. We design native applications residing on iOS and Android mobile devices.”

Adam continued, “We designed the app for the South Coast Shopper after approaching them with an idea and talking to their staff. One of the things the Shopper wanted was the app to change with each weekly issue date and refresh with the current week’s edition. This is something that we custom designed just for the Shopper.”

Innovation Delivered can create apps for any client’s specific needs. “One of our customers is a realtor who wanted an app feature that would show houses for sale in the area they were currently touring. Their client didn’t like the house they were being shown, but really liked the neighborhood, and wanted to see what else was for sale there. We designed a feature that showed all other properties for sale in the vicinity,” said Adam.

“Mobile apps are becoming more and more popular,” said Ken. “People are opening emails on their phones more often than on their computers. The Shopper has a QR code prominently on their front page for people to download their app.”

“People are also purchasing more mobile devices than computers today,” said Adam. “Some of the best features in the apps we design come from our clients’ suggestions. All of our apps have our support page and we receive emails all the time from people with suggestions. We’ve actually integrated some pretty interesting stuff into our products based upon user feedback.”

I asked the two men if there was anything they would like Shopper readers to know about them. Adam replied, “We just want to say, if you love the Shopper, download and use the Shopper app!  Every project and client is unique, but the Shopper has been one of the more interesting and fun apps that we’ve designed. It was challenging to do, and it turned out really well. The Shopper’s app use is steadily on a very nice upward trajectory, and their staff have had great ideas. One of the things they wanted was to have their ads listed by city on their app. Now you can look at items for sale just in the Bandon area, for example. And garage sales can now be located by city, complete with directions, which makes things really easy.”

So if you’re looking to get your business noticed with the help of the latest technology, give Innovation Delivered a call at 541-404-5159, or stop by their office, located at 51209 Hwy. 101, Suite C, south of Bandon.

“The South Coast Shopper is great to work with, and we will keep evolving their app,” finished Adam. 

Check out their apps at: idequals.com.

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