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Industrial Steel & Supply (ISSCO)
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

I spoke with Jeff Bunnell, General Manager and Eric McAnally, Sales Manager, of Industrial Steel & Supply Company (ISSCO), at 526 Virginia Avenue in North Bend. Readers may recall traveling past the block-long building near North Bend’s waterfront, which has a 50,000 square foot warehouse as well as a showroom and metals service center that is open to the public. “We carry steel, aluminum, stainless steel, fasteners, belts, bearings, tools, pretty much anything you would need for industrial work,” said Jeff. 

Originally started in early 1900’s, 16 years ago Industrial Steel was purchased by a local Coos County family, and they employ about 20 people in various divisions of the company. Early on ISSCO’s focus was to service the local mills in the area but, over time the industrial business growth diminished considerably. The new owners realized there was a real need to change the structure of the company in order for it to survive.

In that light, they brought in a service and repair division which works on material handling equipment providing both in-house and outside service work. They opened a hydraulics division specializing in hydraulic hoses (Parker), fittings, adapters, and complete hydraulic hose assemblies.    A fabrication division has done some interesting projects, including assisting in the salvage of the New Carissa and is currently finishing up on a new cargo dock in the area.  They also have a tools and safety division, selling tools and supplies that people working in the industrial world require. 

All these company divisions are complimentary to each other, and most employees are cross-trained, multi-tasked individuals who can work on the floor, pull an order for a steel customer, or make a hose.   The safety and tool division is something that’s relatively new for ISSCO.   Every company in the industrial world has to deal with safety and the equipment needed to keep their employees from harm.   ISSCO has a whole department that concentrates on employee safety.   “We sell hard-hats, vests, safety gear, visors, and high-protection gear,” said Eric. “We sell our products south into Northern California and north up to Florence.”   

Eric McAnally and Jeff Bunnell in the showroom at Industrial Steel and Supply.

 About five years ago ISSCO started a new division called Rogue Pipe Works (RPW USA), which designs and manufactures motorcycle exhaust systems for Victory motorcycles, private label and other motorcycle brands.  Jeff says, “RPW USA is in the market full-boar, and is one of the largest after-market designers and manufacturers of motorcycle exhaust systems for the Victory brand. RPW USA is our global division, and we have dealers and products all over the world: China, Australia, Canada, and Europe.”     

One of the major pluses of ISSCO is their employee longevity. They just had someone retire that had been with them since high school in 1976. Eric said, “It’s super important in the service industry that customers recognize a familiar face.”  

 When I asked what message the company would like to get out to people, Jeff replied, “Industrial Steel and Supply is open to the public…a lot of people drive by the building every day without realizing what we offer. Our safety supplies and tool division are relatively new to our company. We have hand tools, drills, wrenches, with brand names like Makita, Lincoln, and Edge safety glasses. We also have power tools, both electrical and air powered. We try to offer the customer something more so they don’t have to run all over town to get what they need.”    

Ever backed your utility trailer into a pole and needed a new light? Come down to ISSCO, where they sell all kinds of supplies for trailers...lights, nuts, bolts, bearings, hitches, wheels, tie-downs, you name it!     

What does the future hold for this family-owned and operated local company?  “We will continue to look at products and services and what works for this area,” said Eric.  Jeff agrees and replies, “We focus on what we know and do well and build on that.  We have a great group of skilled workers with industrial backgrounds that are an important part for making this business what it has become and will continue to be.  Down the line, I see us continuing to concentrate on maturing our product lines and services to compliment the needs of current customers and future projects.  ISSCO has been employing people in Coos County for generations, and we plan to keep doing that.” 

 If you’re looking for just the right tool, product, or service related to industrial work, give Industrial Steel and Supply a call at 541-756-5141. They’re open from 7 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.       

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