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Jeff Krall, Century 21
By Lisa Carroll, Staff Writer 

Published in the May 2, 2013 edition

Jeff Krall is a Century 21 realtor ready to help you buy or sell a home in the Coos County area. “With only 4 full time salespeople, the Century 21 Team in Myrtle Point is consistently awarded the highest per person productivity award in the Pacific Northwest,” Jeff told me.  Jeff is currently the highest ranked Century 21 broker in Oregon, and has been consistently in the top 5 volume producers for several years . “We’re in Myrtle Point, but we serve all of Coos County,” he continued. “ Anywhere you see a South Coast Shopper, we service that area.” Jeff had been the general of Coos Bay Nissan for many years when his father, John Krall, convinced him to join the team in 1994.

Jeff was born and raised in this area and has called it home for most of his adult life, sans time spent in the Navy and Marine Corps. “This is my home. I am a lifetime Coos County resident and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I like the weather, I like the people. It’s a beautiful place to live,” he said.

Matching a buyer to a seller is a multi-pronged process that begins with figuring out what you want, securing the means to get it, and then finding what you are looking for. “You just start asking questions. Tell me what your dreams are, and then tell me what your budget is,” says Jeff. “We take that and search for what’s available. We try to track down what somebody is really interested in, regardless where it is, and try to fit their dreams into what’s in the market today.” 

Jeff Krall, Realtor for Century 21, is a lifelong resident of the Myrtle Point area. When not working, he likes nothing better than to  kayak on the Rogue River during the summer. (Photo by Lisa Carroll)

Jeff says he really enjoys his work. A lot of people Jeff works with are first time buyers, and he does his best to look out for them while simultaneously working with the sellers to get their property sold. “Part of my job is to figure out ways to fix problems. Bottom line is the seller wants their house sold, and the buyer wants to move in their new home, and I need to facilitate that the best way I can. I know what type of loan people are working with, so I know the house has to be in a certain type of condition to qualify. We are proactive in taking care of any issues in order to make it happen, rather than wait for an appraiser to tell us at the last minute.”

Also, one does not have to be rich to purchase a home. Many times, you can buy your own home with mortgage payments comparable to what you’d pay in rent. “If you’ve got a solid income, there is probably a loan product out there that will fit your needs,” Jeff says. Jeff advises people to speak to a reputable, well established realtor for a number of reasons, not the least being that they have tons of information about the many programs available to help you become a home owner. Jeff, who is a Veteran himself, is especially skilled at working with Veterans to help them secure their own home. He also encourages people do their research, and to get pre-approved with a mortgage broker prior to looking at houses, because then you know exactly what you can afford and you know what your payments will be, so you’re not likely to under-buy or try to over-buy.

Jeff shared some good advice for the seller. If you’ve got a house on the market, you need to clean and de-clutter your home. If there’s something you’re not using every day, then pack it up and put it in the garage. Clean out your closets so they are not overflowing. Doing these two things help a home look bigger. If you can afford it, paint the interior in white or very neutral tones, so the potential buyer can get beyond seeing it as your house, and can more easily envision it as their own. Putting your home on the market means that you never really know when a potential buyer is going to come by to look at your property, so it is important to keep your home as clean and clutter free as possible. “It’s hard as a seller because every day you’re getting it ready for a potential buyer, but the one day you don’t make the bed or put the dishes away, that’s the day the realtor calls and tells you “Hey I got a buyer interested in your place and we’ll be there in 20 minutes!” and you’re like, OH NO!” Jeff lightheartedly shared. “It’s tough, but that’s what happens. You want your house to be sold, so be prepared for it.”

You can reach Jeff Krall at Century 21 in Myrtle Point, located at 714 Ash Street in Myrtle Point. The phone number is 541-572-2121, and you can email him at jeffbkrall@frontier.com.

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