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Joe, The Gun Guy
By Desiree Gaoiran, Staff Writer 
Joe Holdmann, owner and operator of Concealed Carry Firearms, has lived in the area for 15 years. He has been shooting since he was a young child and by the time he finished high school he had 150,000 rounds under his belt. At the age of 17 he entered into the Army and at 18 he received his Sergeant stripes. When he retired from the Army after seven years he lived in Alaska and made his living hunting. Joe started as an instructor out of boredom and has continued  because of his intense desire to help people learn the proper techniques to protect  themselves and their families from danger. There are 100,000 NRA instructors in the US and out of all of them he was named the NRA instructor- recruiter of the year in 2011. Joe has almost every certification that the NRA offers. He has trained police officers, military officials, and receives a lot of referrals from them.

Look for Joe the Gun Guy's banner, located upstairs, suite 218 in the Pony Village Mall . (Photo By Desiree Gaoiran)

“When an instructor signs off that you can carry a gun there are three very important aspects,” Joe explains. “I am going to sign a piece of paper that you are going to take to the Sheriff’s department and if you’re not disqualified from being able to obtain your permit, the Sheriff has no other choice but to give you your permit. Once I sign off that you are able to carry the gun, your personal safety becomes the most important thing.”

Joe takes gun safety very seriously. He continues, “Every day you wake up, get dressed, put the gun in your pocket, then leave for an 8 -10 hour work day. When you get home you’re going to be tired, hungry, maybe even anxious for the game to start. When you’re distracted, it can become dangerous.”  

There are 20,000 laws pertaining to concealed weapons permits and a violation can land you in jail. This is why it is very important to become educated about the basic laws. When a situation calls for you to draw a gun, your life is on the line. There is a 50/50 chance that one of you is going to overwhelm the other. There is always a winner and a loser and if you lose at this you can be killed. Carrying a gun is not a joke. It must be done with respect for what it is that you’re trying to do and that is to protect yourself and those around you.

Joe trains a couple thousand people a year across 15 states, working 360 days a year. He is an unpaid volunteer and his fees cover his expenses and anything left over is donated. Mr. Holdmann offers classes by appointment only. To receive your carry and conceal permit, no shooting or testing is required. Joe also offers personal protection classes, tactical classes, and even trick shooting! Want to learn how to shoot a quarter out of the sky? Joe is your man. He even teaches a night laser shooting class! Joe stresses that as long as you’re legal to carry a gun, you should never leave home without it! It could truly mean the difference between death and waking up the next day. He is located upstairs at the Pony Village Mall, suite 218. To contact Joe Holdmann for an appointment call 541-290-2498.

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