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LNL Lumber Outlet  

By Lisa Carroll, Staff Writer

LNL Lumber Outlet in Coos Bay provides all kinds of quality lumber at wholesale prices. They sell many exotic and local hardwoods, plywood, pressure treated lumber and beams, cabinet making materials, lattice, and so much more. You can easily spend an hour or two just browsing the warehouse, enjoying the scent of cut wood and making your own discoveries.

While manager Randall Shelman was raised in Grants Pass, he spent a lot of time visiting our beautiful coast, riding the dunes and enjoying the nature of the sea. After high school, he left Oregon for Utah in order to attend college, and he spent some years working in construction, followed by  disaster restoration. However, Randall longed to be close to the ocean he loved, so he bought a sailboat and moved into Coos Bay last year. He is very happy here, and he enjoys his work at LNL Lumber. “I’ve got a good variety of things to do- working with people, working with lumber, and working with computers,” he said.

Before the Eric Luckman family bought the business 3 years ago, LNL Lumber was called Ply Land. Randall says the owner was “quite the artist” when it came to creating custom plywood. Following the trends of the times, the Luckmans realized there was interest in a broader range of products, and that people were looking for decent, affordable lumber. Hence, manufacturing ceased to be, and LNL Lumber became a one-stop shop for good lumber at great prices, giving folks plenty of opportunity to save money on their wood-working ventures.

“There’s a lot of demand for shop grade and seconds,” Randall told me, “especially when the economy is tough. People are doing their own projects, and making their own repairs.” Some people use a higher grade of lumber than what they actually need for home projects, so LNL Lumber maintains a good source for all grades of material. Using 2x4’s as an example, Randall explains. “Grade One would be something like a truss grade, with minimum knots in it and almost no wane. Grade Two is the standard construction grade. It will have a little bit of wane in it, and any knots are tight knots. Number Three has a lot more wane and a few more knots, so it generally is not used in construction. But, it’s still a really usable 2x4 for a pump-house or a dog house, as fence board, or for repairs where you don’t need that top grade piece.” The same is true of plywood. “We’ve got shop grade plywood in here that we sell to a lot of cabinet builders. Maybe there’s a blemish on one side, but you can turn that side to the wall anyhow. It doesn’t really cost them anything in product outcome and it saves them a lot of money.” LNL Lumber also sells bargain priced doors. “We’ve got doors in here from different suppliers, “Randall continues. “Maybe they had a mis-order or overstock, or a door has a little scratch on it, but is still super usable. You can save a ton of money using something like that!” Randall enjoys helping people plan their projects, and LNL Lumber will cut your lumber according to your specifications.

Randall Shelman standing among a few of the unique lawn ornaments they make at LNL Lumber Outlet. The warehouse is stocked full of nearly any wood you can imagine.  (Photo by Lisa Carroll)

Randall meets a lot of interesting people who buy wood for different reasons, from professional contractors to people working on small home projects or local theaters building stage props. Many woodworkers build beautiful cabinets and hardwood furniture made from wood they purchased at LNL Lumber, as do makers of little jewelry boxes that are sold up an down the coast. In addition to nearly every lumber imaginable, they sell T1-11 exterior siding, ASD metal roofing, nails, screws, and other accessories. They also have some awesome burls of redwood, cedar, walnut and maple. “These can be  made into coffee tables, bars, shelves, or whatever. I love seeing what people put together,” Randall shares. They stock locally built, unfinished cabinets made of quality Poplar hardwood, and furniture made from spent rubber trees grown in Maylasia. Randall told me there was a time when rubber trees were simply burned when they matured and stopped producing rubber. Once it was discovered the mature trees produced a quality hardwood, they began making them into lumber, thus creating far less waste.

As an aside, LNL Lumber also makes and sell all sorts of concrete lawn ornaments ready for painting. Among them all, I saw magestic lions, footprints, bunnies, dragons, and miniature Roman-style columns. “We got the molds from a local gentleman, and we pour them out back, “said Randall. “It gives us something to do with all the broken bags of concrete when we have a little bit of downtime.”

LNL Lumber Outlet gets as many of their products as possible from local sources, and they believe in the community. “We’re at the Home Show every year, and we make contributions to the Home Builders Association. We try to help people get back on their feet in the construction market, and to move forward, because this is so critical for the U.S. Economy. The construction market is one of those core things that affects everybody.”

 Check out LNL Lumber Outlet, located at 61229 Highway 101 , about 3 miles south of Coos Bay. You can also visit the website, http://lnl-lumberoutlet.com/, or call 541-269-7071 for more information.

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