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Mang Chiropractic & Pain Relief Clinic
By Lisa Carroll, Staff Writer 

Calvin E. Mang, D.C. P.C., has been serving the Bay area community via Mang Chiropractic and Pain Relief Clinic since 1973. Mang Chiropractic is licensed by the Oregon State Board and certified in Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique Morter Health Systems.

Chiropractic is an alternative medicine with an approach to healing centered on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system, and the effects of these disorders on general health.  Most Chiropractors today emphasize manual and manipulative therapy for the treatment of vertebral subluxations, which chiropractors maintain is a dysfunctional, biomechanical spinal segment which is fixated and in turn causes distress in the body. According to polls cited by WebMD,  chiropractic treatments ranked ahead of all conventional treatments for back pain, followed closely by deep-tissue massage.

Calvin Mang, D.C., P.C., pictured here with assistants Julie Mang (L) and Sarah Baze (R), smiles all around. Not pictured is Ruthie Sakett.  (Photo by Lisa Carroll)
As originally defined, Chiropractic medicine is based on the premise that a person is greater than the sum of their parts, with the focus being on holistic healing more than relief of the outward symptoms of disease. Over time, people have come to think of chiropractic medicine only in its mechanical approach, which is largely directed toward the immediate relief of musculoskeletal pain. “The back goes out of place, so then you go to a chiropractor to get manually adjusted,” Dr. Mang said. “This is muscle-skeletal chiropractics, and that does relieve some of the stress and pain. But, the focus there is only on immediate pain relief, not on wellness or becoming whole.”

Dr. Mang’s is a Vitalistic approach, which goes to the core of how chiropractics originated. “Vitalist” is based on the root word “vitality,” which is defined as “the power or ability to continue in existence, to live, or grow.” A healing model based on vitalism believes that the body is a dynamic, ever-changing organism, continuously adapting to its needs and desires. Vitalism also assumes that that there is an intelligent order within living organisms that is designed to heal the body, and that every system in the body coordinates functions with each other system.

In Dr. Mang’s view, there are mechanical, chemical, and electromagentic sources of pain. More than accidents and injuries to our bodies, mechanical stresses also relate to the things you do with your body everyday, like the ways you regularly move, sit, or lie down. Chemical stresses are related to everything you take into your body, whether it be food, drink, or air. Electromagnetic stresses are related to emotional traumas or disappointments, hurts, and anguish, of which the body holds in its memory.

During ordeals in our life, we tend to develop coping behaviors and mental attitudes that temporarily help “ease the pain”, as it were. A holistic approach recognizes that an unhealthy mental attitude, unexpressed hurt, or unstable body posture are imbalances that our bodies have no choice but to reflect as pain and dis-ease. Rather than make a temporary mechanical adjustment and send you on your way, Dr. Mang works with you to restore your body as a unit, while giving you regular chiropractic adjustments that enhance your nervous system. “The worst thing I can do for you is to relieve your pain without doing anything to find the cause of it,” said Dr. Mang. “Sometimes I never touch where they are hurt, because the disturbance causing the pain could actually be in their mind between the cortex and the cerebellum, or in the non-conscious or genetic part of their nervous systems. You can’t manually adjust that into place.”

The object of corrective care is to reintegrate the body, mind, and spirit in order to allow the body to correct and repair abnormal function from within. A strong and pain-free existence cannot be found in a quick fix, but rather in making lifestyle changes. At Mang Chiropractics, complete chiropractic care includes a physical and Insight neurological exam, postural spinal x-rays, and an evaluation of your history in order to determine what is functioning abnormally in your body. Adjustments work to correct any spinal subluxations detected during the examination. Massage therapy is also offered, as is ALCAT allergy testing, hormone evaluations, and adrenal profiles. Then you take it from there. “I encourage my patients to take authority over their own health,” says Dr. Mang. “I want you to make changes in what you eat, drink, how you exercise, how you rest, how you breathe, and what you think. Once you start making better choices, the body has no choice but to respond differently.”

Mang Chiropractic is located at 2040 Public Square Ct, North Bend, OR. Call 541-756-0525 for more information, or visit the website http://mangchiropractic.com/.

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