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Merritt Office Assistance

Merritt Office Assistance is a new business providing professional secretarial and bookkeeping services. Just a few of the services offered are typing, proofreading, editing, legal and general transcription, bookkeeping, and Notary Public services. “If you are needing anything else, just ask” says Dana Merritt, the owner of Merritt Office Assistance.

Dana is a familiar face around here. Born and raised in Coos Bay, Dana has over 35 years of experience as a legal assistant in our area. In fact, she worked for attorney Jerry Lesan for 23 years before his retirement last year. Dana always kept a home-based secretarial/bookkeeping business in the back of her mind and now has the opportunity to operate just such a business. Dana has years of experience in the field of law but she can perform any type of secretarial services. She enjoys typing and producing professional documents. Her commitment is seeing jobs through to completion with the highest standards of professionalism. Dana’s business is not an 8 to 5 business and she will work however it takes to meet her clients’ needs.

Naturally, in the environment of law offices, you need someone you can trust. As reflected in the decades of experience in the legal field, confidentiality is another hallmark of Dana’s work. Professionalism is another.  Dana is known for meeting deadlines and producing stellar work. She offers a quick turnaround on projects, is flexible in scheduling, and is happy to pick-up and deliver as needed.  In addition, business can be conducted entirely online. Dana is available to small businesses, individuals, for one-time projects, or to those understaffed due to illness, vacation, or overflow work.  Arrangements may be short term or ongoing.

How do you know if Merritt Office Assistance is right for your secretarial needs? As an independent contractor, Dana works from her home and has all the equipment she needs to get it done which saves you the trouble of having to maintain extra office space or purchase computers and other equipment.  You only pay for each job as you need it with no overhead costs. You will not have the headache of dealing with payroll taxes nor expensive employee benefits. Your complete office support without the overhead!

Perhaps you are an individual who could use some help building a resume or writing a business letter to a prospective employer. Maybe you need some letters written or forms filled out. Or, lets say you are a writer who would like your manuscript proofread, edited, and professionally typed before you submit it to publishing agencies, or a college student who would like the same service for a term paper. These are all examples of a one time or occasional need for a secretary who can handle this work for you.

Whether you need an assistant full-time or part-time, you are billed only for actual hours worked and Dana would appreciate an opportunity to demonstrate the efficiency and accuracy of her services.

If you would like to learn more about Merritt Office Assistance, give Dana a call at 541-404-4837 or visit her website at merrittofficeassistance.com.

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