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Oasis Potable Water Delivery
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

Dave Webb came out of a six-year retirement two months ago to start a business called Oasis Potable Water Delivery in Coos County. “I got tired of sitting around and wanted to do something more with my time,” said Dave. “I had already purchased a flatbed truck last year, and I’ve always delivered water to my place because we have a big garden...cypress and redwood trees...and we go through a lot of water. I got tired of packing 425-gallon tanks of water in my pick-up, so I just bought a 1,600 gallon tank and put it on my flatbed truck.”

“More and more, with the water table dropping due to the dry weather we’ve been having, I’ve been filling people’s water tanks,” said Dave. “Those spring-fed tanks are starting to dry up. From what I’ve read, the weather pattern is supposed to change this winter. I remember back in school, looking forward to summer, but knowing that it would be raining...that’s not the case here anymore.”

Dave related his experience delivering water to a customer recently: “These people lived south of town and had no city water, no well, and no spring-fed water source. They relied on rainfall only, and had collecting tanks distributed throughout their property.  I had never encountered that situation before. Needless to say, with this weather, they were out of water!”

Dave Webb owns Oasis Potable Water Delivery, serving Coos County.

I asked Dave where most of his clients are located. “Most of my deliveries are out in the country,” he replied. “I’ve had calls from as far away as Brookings, but I’ve decided to only go that far away if it’s an emergency.  I deliver water in Coos County, but most of my customers live south of town: Myrtle Point, Fairview, and Powers. Today I’m actually delivering water north of town, in Hauser.”

Dave said he’s delivering water seven days a week this summer, “As long as it’s not 5 pm and somebody wants me to come out that evening,” he said. “But if it’s an emergency, I will.”

Dave used to drive truck before his 30-plus year career as a longshoreman. Now that he’s retired, he has the time to pursue a career that lets him meet new people on a regular basis, something that he enjoys.  His wife, Jennifer, manages the company’s finances from home.

I asked Dave if advertising in the Shopper had helped get his new business off the ground. “It definitely has.  It’s the only place I advertise except handing out business cards. And I had one person call me that had seen my ad online.”

If you find yourself in need of water delivery during this long, hot, dry summer, give Oasis Potable Water Delivery a call at 541-260-2887.

Dave was born and raised here, and says, “Basically, what I like doing is helping people in need. Some of these people are really living out in the sticks, and what do you do if you don’t have water?”

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