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The Oddity Shop
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

I spoke with Sarah Burrows, owner of the Oddity Shop, located at 60 West 1st Street in Coquille. The Oddity Shop has been open for 14 years, and it was started when Sarah and her husband John moved to the Oregon Coast from the Virgin Islands, where they had lived for 30 years. Sarah had grown up on the east coast and met John on the island of St. Thomas, where he was a charter captain. After many years of being in the sun, John’s doctor advised him to move someplace “where it rains a lot,” and so the couple ended up on the Oregon coast.

Sarah Burrows stands among the many interesting items for sale in The Oddity Shop in Coquille.

“The Oddity Shop is really a mini-mall,” said Sarah. “Although I’m the sole owner, I have 12 vendors who sell their items in my shop.”

So just what’s for sale here?  “We have items vintage to new. We have antiques and collectibles, home décor, and books in our book loft which include a wonderful selection of children’s books. There’s new and vintage jewelry, glassware and kitchen items, plus DVDs and CDs, organic soaps, scrapbooking supplies and quilting squares and fabric. There’s also gently used furniture for sale here,” said Sarah.

Sarah wanted me to know that her store isn’t just a “chick shop”. “We also have an assortment of ‘guy stuff’ like tools, fishing gear, shooting stuff, all the way to belt buckles,” she explained.

This month the store will be carrying Halloween items, and come holiday time, think of the Oddity Shop for Christmas gifts.

I asked Sarah what the future holds for her. “Well, when we moved here in 2000, it was to retire, but we opened this place instead.  Five years ago my husband passed away, but I’m going to stay right here…this is it. I love living in Oregon; we’ve got a nice, moderate climate. But to me what’s the most important are the people. Coquille’s such a friendly and open community. I’ve met some wonderful people through this shop, and that’s a real bonus. Becoming good friends with my customers is a real plus,” replied Sarah

Sarah has been advertising in the Shopper for years. “My Shopper ads are working. They bring people in from other areas of the coast,” she said.

Give Sarah a call at 541-396-3660, or better yet, come down to the friendly town of Coquille and see for yourself what this mini-mall has to offer …with over 12 vendors, you never know what treasure you’ll find!

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