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Oles Sharpening Service
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 
I spoke with Duane Oles, owner of Oles Sharpening Service, located at 63149 Shinglehouse Road, about 2.5 miles south of Coos Bay.  Duane and his wife Delilah moved here about eight years ago and he set up his business five years later, but he’s has been sharpening with his own equipment for 12 years.

Duane and Delilah Oles, owners of Oles Sharpening Service. Would you like to talk sharpening with Duane? They are located at 63148 Shinglehouse Rd. in Coos Bay. Look for this sign, you can’t miss it! 

Duane and his wife came from Pendleton, where they lived for 31 years and he worked as a building contractor. “I had been a building contractor for over 40 years,” says Duane. When he retired his friend Gary Mueller, owner of Art Signs, encouraged him to move to the south coast. “We’ve known Gary for about 46 years, and had been coming down to Coos Bay for vacations, and were very familiar with the area. My wife and I thought this would be a good place to have a retirement home.  We love it here. There’s good fishing!” 

While Duane runs the sharpening business, his wife, Delilah, is a homemaker who also helps out with answering phones, depositing checks, etc., making it possible for Duane to concentrate on his work. “I can sharpen anything except clipper and band saw blades,” says Duane. “ I do kitchen knives, scissors, saw blades, planer knives, chainsaw chains, all garden tools, hedge trimmers, anything that needs sharpening, I can sharpen.  The only reason that I don’t do band saw blades is because you can buy new blades cheaper.”

    Duane and his wife live right beside the shop he built just for his business. He says even though he’s usually home, it pays to call ahead, but they’re basically open from about 7 am to 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday.

    “Most of the people that come from out of town, say Powers, call and let me know they’re coming, and while they’re here shopping or running other errands, I get their sharpening done so they can pick things up on their way home. For my in-town customers, I try to get the sharpening done by the next day. Basically it’s a 24 hour turn-around for those customers in town.”

    Duane’s been advertising in the South Coast Shopper for several years. “We use the Shopper for our print advertising, and it’s working well. We also get referrals from Oregon Tool when someone goes in there and asks who does sharpening in the area.”

    If you have tools that are getting to the point where they need to be sharpened to that new blade feel, give Duane a call at 541-267-6138. When I asked Duane what his future plans are, he replied that he wants to keep on sharpening tools as long as he can because “it keeps me busy and out of trouble!”

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