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Oregon Wine Cellars, Etc.
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

Tamera Landrum has been the owner and sole proprietor of Oregon Wine Cellars since 1993.  She hails from Stuttgart, West Germany, and came to the United States in 1971. When her husband decided to retire from the Air Force in 1986, they moved to Coos Bay and she has never looked back.

“I love Coos Bay very much,” says Tamera. “I love living near the ocean, breathing the wonderful ocean air…I can’t live without it!”

I asked Tamera to describe what customers find when they walk in her shop.

“We specialize in Oregon wines and other products like local jams and jellies,” replied Tamera. “We have wine ranging from sweet to dry, red and white, dessert and ice wines. Our wines come from Oregon, California, Italy, Spain…our Champagnes like Dom Pérignon come from France.”

Many people don’t know that there’s a big difference between sparkling wine and Champagne.  For a bottle of sparkling wine to be labeled “Champagne”, it has to be made in Champagne, France and produced using the méthode champenoise. If that bottle is produced using the exact same method, anywhere else, it must carry a different name, such as “sparkling wine”).

“We also are very happy to place special wine orders if customers cannot find what they’re looking for here,” Tamera continued. “All our wines are up-line wines that are hard to find…we only deal in the best of products here."

Tamera Landrum has been the owner and sole proprietor of Oregon Wine Cellars since 1993.

Local wineries often will conduct tastings of their products at Oregon Wine Cellars.  Customers who have participated in the Coos Bay Downtown Wine Walk are familiar with visiting Tamera’s shop for samples of local wines.  But Tamera has recently opted out of the Wine Walk to focus more on her health.

“I was the one who first suggested the idea of a Wine Walk back in 2007,” said Tamera. “We would get over 600 people coming in the shop over a two-hour period.  For many years my shop was one of the main stops on the tour, but I’ve decided to scale things back a little for now.”

I asked Tamera which wines were most popular in her store.  “That’s undoubtedly the Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris wines,” she replied.  “But ice wines are coming up in popularity, although they’re very expensive for authentic ice wines. These wines are made from grapes that sit on the vine until the end of the growing season and beyond…you have to have that first frost and the grapes must freeze on the vine, then be harvested immediately the next day.  These wines have full, intense flavors, and are usually white wines.  They’re very unique items that cost $60 and more per half-bottle for the true ice wines. This is because very little juice is produced after the grape has frozen.”

In addition to their regular wine selection, Oregon Wine Cellars, Etc. also carries organic wines with no sulfites added. “When wine ferments, it naturally produces sulfites,” said Tamera, “but when sulfites are added, these chemicals are not very good for people in general. Some folks develop allergies from the wine…some get very red faces after drinking wine that has added sulfites.”

Tamera also gladly puts together gift baskets for customers, and these can include various wines and Sea Mist local jams and jellies, as well as selections from her large inventory of glassware ranging from all shapes of wineglasses, beer glasses and cognac glasses. Oregon Wine Cellars, Ect. also carries beer, mostly microbrews and some 100% German beers (which can only contain four ingredients). Water, barley, malt, and hops according to the purity law of 1516.

Don’t know much about wines, but need some expert recommendations? Look no further than Oregon Wine Cellars, Ect. “I have a nice amount of people who come in on a regular basis and ask my opinion of wines. I have never failed with my recommendations! People come back later very happy with the wines they purchased here,” said Tamera. “I love meeting new people, talking to tourists, recommending dining and sightseeing in our area. It gives me joy and pleasure to talk to people…I even provide them with a map of local wineries.”

If you’re in the market for some fine wines, make sure to stop at Oregon Wine Cellars, Ect., located at 155 S. Broadway in Coos Bay. They’re open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 5pm, and their phone number is 541-267-0300.

I asked Tamera what makes her store different than other wine shops. “It’s personal service, knowledge, and happiness,” she was quick to reply. “I sell love in my store!”

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