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Pacific Charter Services
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

Pacific Charter Services is owned by Thomas Kramer, a self-described entrepreneur who has been around water since he was a kid and his dad would take him fishing in Wisconsin. Since then he’s lived in Colorado, then California, and finally settled down in Coos Bay, Oregon 14 years ago. “This place kind of grows on you,” he said.

These days you’ll find Thomas down at the Charleston Marina, getting ready to take another group of customers out on a fishing expedition. There are two volunteer guides who help out with the adventure. “These guys have been with me for about three or four years,” said Thomas. “They get to the boat before I do, get the boat, gear, rods and reels ready, get life vests on the customers, and give instructions on how to use the equipment. I also have a guy who does the filleting for me when we bring the fish in.”

But Thomas isn’t just a fishing boat captain. He also holds a Master 100-Ton license, which allows him to operate Coast Guard-inspected vessels of up to 100 gross tons. “I do search and rescue with the Coast Guard; if somebody breaks down, I go get them. Over the years, I’ve probably saved 100 boats and/or people who needed assistance on the sea. One of the things my customers like about me is they know they’re on one of the safest boats around,” said Thomas.

I asked Thomas what kind of fishing services he provides.“We do mostly bottom fishing and crabbing. I have one of the finest boats in the marina and the best electronics. I have big screens so customers can easily see the fish down in the ocean...now they just have to catch them! My season starts usually around May and goes through October, but I do go out in the winter if the water isn’t too rough. I never take more than six people, with a minimum of two.”

Thomas Kramer holds the catch of the day, a large ling cod.

Thomas is also careful about what type of customers he allows on his boat. “I don’t take kids who aren’t big and strong enough to fish. Young children get bored really quickly and start running around the boat. My guides have to spend more time with children, usually, and I don’t ever allow alcohol on my boat.”

 I asked  Thomas what his favorite part was about running a charter service. He replied, “It’s when I get nice, friendly people who know that’s it’s ‘fishing, not catching’!  But I’ve never had anybody get mad with their fishing results because we usually limit out in 15 minutes when we get into the bite. I enjoy the people when they’re on board having a good time.”

Pacific Charter Services began advertising with the Shopper about four years ago, and “I’ve gotten calls from as far away as Medford and Roseburg about my ad,” said Thomas. “The nice thing about the Shopper is people don’t just look at it and throw it away, but read it several times.”

When I asked Thomas what the future might hold for him, he replied, “ Every year gets better and better. I’m getting repeat customers now. I love what I’m doing!”

If you’re interested in a charter fishing experience with someone who operates a safe, solid fishing vessel, give Thomas a call at 541-294-2243. 

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