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Q’s Sharpening Shop
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer
Published in the May 3, 2018 edition

Quentin Roesner is a local sharpener specializing in sharpening tools or knives for forestry workers, sawmills, contractors, woodworkers, homeowners, and more.

About a year and a half ago, Quentin Roesner was sitting in a local auto shop waiting for his windshield to be repaired, when he picked up a copy of the South Coast Shopper and started reading it.  He had recently retired after 32 years in the forestry business, and he saw an announcement that the owner of Duane Ole’s Sharpening Service was retiring.

“If I hadn’t seen that notice, I probably wouldn’t be the owner of Q’s Sharpening Shop in Myrtle Point,” said Quentin. “I have a lot of experience working in the sawmill and forestry industry, and this was the perfect opportunity for me to keep busy in my retirement.  I probably get about a third or more of my business advertising in the Shopper.”

Located at 53092 Stringtown Road in Myrtle Point, Q’s Sharpening Shop is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5 pm.  I spoke with Quentin about his background and how he wound up living and working in Myrtle Point.

“I grew up in a small town in Montana, where there were five sawmills,” he replied, “and after graduating from high school, I gravitated to toward working in one of them. I worked around big machines with big saws for about five years and then decided to go to college and get a degree in Forestry and work on the timber end of it.  I worked as a forester in the woods in Montana, Idaho and Oregon in logging, forestry and Silviculture, moving to Oregon in 2005. All told, I worked in the timber industry for 32 years.  I thought retirement was great, but I found myself getting kind of restless. My wife is younger than me and has a few years before she can retire, so starting a sharpening business was a great opportunity to keep myself busy.”

I asked Quentin what services he offers at his shop.

“I sharpen carbide or steel blades, planer knives, saws, lawn and garden tools, axes, cutlery, anything that needs a sharp edge to it,” he replied. “I do commercial work for the local craftsman, woodworkers and contractors with saw blades, planer knives and router bits. I just recently did some work for one of the local sawmills… they brought in their 24” sawblades for cutting lumber.  Homeowners who need to maintain equipment like pruning shears, machetes, loppers, wood chisels, scissors, table saws, hand planes, cutlery or axes use my services.  I sharpen saw chains for chainsaws for people working in the woods. If you have a gas-operated hedge trimmer and your cutter bars get dull, it will cost close to $200 to replace them, but I can sharpen them for about 1/6 of that price, so don’t buy new, come to me!”

All these sharpening services require specialized equipment, and Quentin explained that he has “12 different grinders, either set up with abrasive wheels or some sort of sanding disc or belt.  They’re all designed to grind and polish the old dull edge to a shiny new factory edge.”

 Although Q’s Sharpening Shop is located in Myrtle Point, Quentin told me that he has two drop-off locations for the convenience of his customers.  The first one is at Six Nail’s Woodworking at 160 E. Ingersoll, Coos Bay, across from Farr’s True Value Hardware, and the second one is in Myrtle Point at Hometown Hardware. And of course customers can always drop off their items at his shop.

I asked Quentin to describe a typical customer needing sharpening work.

“Right now the lion’s share of my customers are craftsman, people who are making small woodcrafts in their garage and selling at craft shows and farmers markets,” he replied.  “That’s the best part of this job; I get to do a variety of different things on different products that come in. And I really enjoy meeting the people, finding out what they’re working on and their needs and what I can do to improve or maintain their tools.”

Quentin said that even when his wife does retire, he plans to keep his sharpening shop open. “There’s a real need for this service in our area…the closest sharpening services are in Medford and Eugene. Duane Oles started this business when he was 60, and retired at 78.  So in the future if I’m still able to do the work and if the customers still need me, I’ll stick around.”

In today’s throw-away environment, Quentin wants people to know that when they have dull tools or knives, they don’t need to get new ones, and that what he does is at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

“I can do tools in a matter of days or even same day service,” he explained. “And I can restore your tools or knives to as-good or better-than-new condition.”

If you’re in need of superior sharpening services, give Q’s Sharpening Shop a call at 541-260-1692. Although Quentin does sharpen a large variety of items, he indicated that he would “probably turn down ice skates, but you never know!”

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