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Raya Ziegler Real Estate Adds A Personal Touch
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer
Published in the June 12, 2014 edition

I have been noticing the transformation of the large blue Victorian house located at 983 Central Avenue in Coos Bay. The flowers are all in bloom and the home itself has been gradually updated to its gorgeous present condition.  The owner says she’s in her element wearing a nail apron and working a hammer. But this isn’t a private residence:  it’s the office of Raya Ziegler Real Estate, owned by Raya Ziegler, an Oregon real estate broker who works alongside Lisa Sanders, a broker herself.  They’ve been in this location for three years, where they have a boutique-style approach focusing on the person, the lifestyle and the experience.

Raya Ziegler offers the upstairs of her home for out-of-town clients to stay during their house-hunting trip to the Oregon coast.

  “A person will sell or buy property, on average, three times during their life,” says Raya. “We understand it’s a very stressful time, and we want to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Our highly and specially trained brokers are always willing to make necessary decisions and changes to each individual’s needs. In a boutique firm like ours, we use all the cutting edge tools in technology and social media to best market and service our clients.” 

And do they ever make it easy for their out-of-town clients! The entire upstairs of the large home is like a vacation rental, complete with bedroom, living room, huge bath, and kitchen. Clients stay there as long as they need while looking for a new home.  The yard is fenced and pets and children are welcome.  There’s no need to spend money at a hotel while you’re searching for the perfect home. “We don’t want our clients to just buy a home...we want them to buy THE home that they really want,” says Raya.

    “The ads we run in the South Coast Shopper are working great,” she adds. “We were looking for a niche to market to people who were currently renting, and felt they didn’t make enough money to buy a house. Because we also help clients find suitable financing, (which is out there, believe me) we eliminate a lot of their stress in the process,” Raya stated.

    Give Raya and Lisa a call at 541-269-5379 and find out how easy buying or selling a home can be. “We continue to learn how we can make things more enjoyable for our clients,” Raya finished.  


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