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SeaCoast Land and Home Services
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

David Boyer is the owner of SeaCoast Land and Home Services, a landscaping, maintenance and construction company in Coos Bay. His company is dedicated to creating beautiful spaces, inside and outside the home. “We strive to create places that people feel are both functional and beautiful,” said David. “I enjoy integrating living areas outside the home: patios, decks, gazebos, courtyards, walkways, fences, that hold the space together more, and invite people to spend more time in Oregon’s nature.  Wind and natural elements are so strong here that it is essential to create little micro-climates through fencing or hedges that allow people to be outside more comfortably.”

New to the area, David, his wife and 8 month old son have settled in. “Before coming here, I ran a landscaping company in Mount Shasta in northern California for seven years,” said David. “Then I got into construction for another seven years, and in January we moved to the  southern Oregon coast and started a contracting business doing both landscaping and construction.”

David Boyer opened SeaCoast Land and Home Services in Coos Bay in January of 2015.

So what prompted David to make the move from northern California to southern Oregon? “To start, there is a mindset here that we appreciate and we have good friends here that we have been visiting for years. Through these visits we have developed a respect and wonder for the unique natural elements along the coast. All of this combined was, and is, in line with our next steps in life,” he replied.

If you’re looking for interior work done, SeaCoast Land and Home Services  does all elements of remodeling:  tile work, hardwood floors, sheetrock, etc.  “We have been doing a little bit of everything inside and outside the home,” said David. “In the moment, we are doing a lot of decks and retaining walls.”

Not only does SeaCoast Land and Home Services create beautiful outdoor spaces, they maintain them. “We try and bring out the uniqueness of each garden, so we spend a bit more time doing the little things that maximize what each garden has to offer,” said David. “We don’t only maintain what’s there, but constantly work to improve it.”

David feels lucky to have met Liza Ehle, owner of By-The-Sea Gardens, soon after coming here, at a gardening seminar in Coos Bay. “Liza is a very respected landscape designer and has intimate knowledge of what will grow where in this diverse county. She’s a great teacher and has helped me transition to the salt and wind — two elements that play a major role here,” said David.

David told me that he began advertising in the Shopper because “The readership is really large; you see the papers everywhere. It’s a great way to meet people that are going to pick up the paper every week. The Shopper gives you great visibility, and it’s working well for us.”

SeaCoast Land and Home Services operates Monday-Saturday. Their phone number is 541-888-6757. When I asked David what he sees for the future, he replied, “I think this area has a lot of potential. There is no quick fix to the economic situation here, but if enough people with initiative get creative in their economic endeavors, we will produce a higher quality of life for everyone. I look forward to becoming part of what I hope will be a growing body of individuals with real interest in this unique community’s future. Though we are new to the area, I feel like I’m meeting old friends.”

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