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Shinglehouse Sawmill
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

I interviewed Terry Kuehn, owner of Shinglehouse Sawmill, located at 63624 Wrecking Road in Coos Bay. Terry and his brother Randy have been operating the business for 27 years. "I got out of the logging business because I got tired of getting up at 3:00 am and driving two hours just to get to the work site, and things in the logging industry were starting to slow down.  Weyerhauser had just closed and Randy was available, so I thought it was time to start my own business," said Terry.

At Shinglehouse Sawmill they custom saw everything to order. Says Terry, "I've got a contractor down in Truckee California that I've been cutting for for about 15 years, and we just cut another fir order last week. Today we're cutting Myrtlewood to fill an order for a fellow in John Day, Oregon."

Randy and Terry Kuehn of Shinglehouse Sawmill in Coos Bay.

Although Shinglehouse mostly deals in red cedar for its siding and fencing boards, "we'll custom cut anything. Right now we've got some really rare American chestnut and English elm. Our woods comes mostly from private individuals. The tree service guys need their wood hauled away so they can clean up their work area, so I'll come with my truck and take it. That wood winds up as firewood chunks. Sometimes we're dealing with logs that are 5 feet in diameter...those take a lot of hard work to get rid of if I don't haul them away."

There's a third brother involved in the  Shinglehouse Sawmill. Ron Keuhn is retired, but has "a little firewood business," says Terry. "He takes care of the stuff that I don't use from the tree service guys. He sells mixed firewood from repeat customers and has been doing that for about 15 years now. But it's just Randy and I that run the sawmill."

I asked Terry what he sells the most of. "There's a big demand right now for 1" boards for raised garden beds.  People are really getting back into gardening and growing their own vegetables, and the red cedar we carry holds up great in this moist environment, whereas fir and spruce will rot away a lot faster."

Randy said their Shopper ads really help because people drive by Shinglehouse Road every day and don't realize that there are two businesses farther down on Wrecking Road (the sawmill and the auto wrecking business). Advertising in the Shopper makes customers aware of what's out there.

When asked about what he'd like Shopper readers to know about his business, Terry replied, "We'll saw just about anything and if we don't have the wood, we'll find it. We get business mostly from private people. Say a landowner takes down a few trees and there's not enough wood there to hire a big log truck to come and get it.  I'll come in with my little truck and haul it off. I pay him if it's red cedar or Myrtlewood, and we sell a lot of Myrtlewood to private carvers in the area. There's even a man who makes boxes out of Myrtlewood that hold the flags that are presented to soldiers when they return home."

Shinglehouse Sawmill cuts lots of wood siding, and they can exactly match the siding on your house if you need to replace it. They're open 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, and are gone from noon to 1 pm for lunch. "We just do basically small orders to the general public, and no order is too small," finished Terry. Give them a call at 541-294-3835 or 541-267-3320 and find out how easy it is to dispose of those big trees you've recently cut down!

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