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Tax Freedom Retirement
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 

I spoke with Ralph Ray, who is a licensed insurance agent in the State of Oregon, and also owner of Tax Freedom Retirement, an alternative investment program (one that never participates in loses of income gains). Ralph says his program is a safe and tax-free alternatve to traditional “market based” investments.

“I had been in business working with seniors since 2005,” said Ralph. “I  gradually worked into retirement investing, and I discovered a plan that works so much better than what I was doing with traditional investments like 401Ks and IRAs. My thought is this: ‘if your money is at risk, you’re not investing, you’re gambling.’”

Ralph asks clients, “do you have a specific plan for the next market crash?” He offers a little trick from Indexed Universal Life products called “Lock and Reset”. And he says you never lose money or participate in the stock market downturns; you simply lock in gains and reset at that point.

Ralph Ray is a licensed insurance agent and owner of Tax Freedom Retirement.

Tax Freedom Retirement’s Shopper Saver ad says that 401Ks and Roth IRAs are just tax codes, and when I asked Ralph what he meant by that he replied, ”these are investment laws that the government can change the rules on at any time. With Indexed Universal Life insurance, you won’t lose money. You will participate in the gains with an average rate of return of about 9% over a ten-year period.  The insurance company will charge based on your health and you have a one -time health questionnaire to qualify in order to invest in this product. The minimum investment is determined by you over a period of time, usually two to three years, but it can be longer depending on your age and lifetime income needs.”

I asked Ralph what the administrative fees were for the indexed universal life insurance he sells. “There are no management fees, which are typically 3% or more for IRA’s; rather 0.6% is charged on the cash value of your account,” he replied. “Please view this investment as a cash flow stream rather than a pond. What I mean is this: you own the IUL policy for monthly retirement income, and not for its death benefit. The indexed gains are real, but no income is at risk. The policy produces cash flow for a lifetime and I will show you illustrations that confirm your earnings. This is private funding of your retirement. This is your money that the government cannot touch! Your money is liquid, meaning that you may borrow any amount on the cash value of your policy at any age and anytime without penalty. Finally, your investment is insured by the Oregon Insurance Guarantee Fund. Insurance companies by law have to maintain 105% cash for all they’re insuring.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about an alternative way to invest and protect your earnings, give Ralph from Tax Freedom Retirement a call at 541-977-6199 or 541-255-3242.

Finally, Ralph states, “if you learn to minimize your risks, your interest expenses, your exposure to market loss, and your taxes, you will achieve four things: a higher rate of return; a secure retirement; a more comfortable lifestyle, and peace of mind.” *

*Note:  The South Coast Shopper does not recommend or endorse any investment program, advisor, or financial planner.
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